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Santosh Shingare
Santosh Shingare, Research Associate
Santosh Shingare
Research Associate, IIT Bombay
"'My definition [of agile] is that you accept input from reality, and you respond to it - Kent Beck'"

About me

I am woking with IIT Bombay as Research asoociate. I’ve been working in the software industry since the 2009 where I got into the then-new world of object-oriented software. I like to spent a time working with object-oriented systems, with a focus on enterprise applications. My main interest is to understand how to design software systems, so as to maximize the productivity of development teams. In doing this I’ve looked to understand the patterns of good software design, and also the processes that support software design. I’ve become a big fan of agile approaches and the resulting focus on evolutionary software design..

My work

Working as a Research Associate in IIT Bombay since June 2010 in the field of Mobile Computing and core java, php and some mobile application Here being the research domain I got a chance to work on every step of waterfall model which you use for product development.

Contact me

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  1. Wiki Academy Mumbai
  2. Wiki Confercense (India) 2011
  3. Wikipedia Hackathon Mumbai 2011
  4. Wiki Academy Mumbai Techfest @IIT Bombay 2012
  5. Techathon Mumbai @ IIT Bombay 2012
  6. Mediawiki hackathon at @Ghoomakad (Dharamshala)
  7. Photothon 2012 / 2013 / 2014

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