This is the personal page for Cindy Cicalese, who is a Principal Engineer on the Developer Experience Team at the Wikimedia Foundation. She previously served as a Principal Engineer and Senior Product Manager for MediaWiki on the Platform Engineering Team aka Core Platform Team . You can see her official Wikimedia Foundation page here. Prior to joining the Foundation, Cindy was a Principal Engineer and Senior Technical Advisor of the Software Solutions and Technologies department at the MITRE Corporation. She has developed software across a diverse set of domains including social semantic authoring, real-time robotics control, distributed systems, web applications, and more. She was a tenured computer science professor at Marymount University in Arlington, VA before returning to MITRE. She has developed a suite of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki extensions that are especially helpful for enterprise use of wikis. She serves in a volunteer capacity on the Board of the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group.

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