EMWCon Spring 2021

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EMWCon Spring 2021
EMWCon brings together developers, users, and organizations of "enterprise MediaWiki" from around the world.
Conference details
Start: April 20, 2021
Finish: April 22, 2021
General chair: Bryan Hilderbrand
Program chair: Yaron Koren
Sponsorhip chair: Ike Hecht

EMWCon Spring 2021 will be an online-only event that will be held on April 20-22, 2021. The event will occur between 9 AM and 5 PM, Eastern Time, on each of those three days. EMWCon is a conference featuring discussions of topics related to "Enterprise MediaWiki", i.e. the usage of MediaWiki software by and within companies, non-profits, governments, and other organizations. Attendance will be free.

This event will consist of talks, demos, panels, lightning talks, and most likely a one-day hackathon/"Create Camp" or its equivalent.


We are honored to have as our keynote speaker Håkon Wium Lie, who is best known as the main creator of CSS. He was also the longtime CTO of the company Opera (makers of the Opera browser), and most recently has helped to run the MediaWiki-based website Rettspraksis.no.


Please add your name below if you are planning to attend.

  1. Bryan Hilderbrand
  2. Yaron Koren
  3. Ike Hecht (WikiTeq)
  4. Patrick Marvin (WikiTeq)
  5. Rich Evans
  6. Tom O'Neill
  7. Bawolff
  8. Julien Tremblay McLellan
  9. Duncan Crane
  10. Megan Cutrofello
  11. Alex Tanchoco
  12. Richard Heigl
  13. Alexander Gesinn (gesinn.it)
  14. Cindy Cicalese
  15. Ad Strack van Schijndel
  16. Jared Olson
  17. Gary Foster
  18. Lex
  19. Wolfgang Fahl
  20. Gretchen Wentzell Lowerison
  21. Jeroen De Dauw, SMW maintainer (Professional.Wiki)
  22. Karsten Hoffmeyer, SMW maintainer (Professional.Wiki)
  23. s_pokras (Stan - Wikidelphia.org & OtherNetworks.org)
  24. Geertivp (talk)
  25. Markus Glaser (MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group, BlueSpice)
  26. Eric-Jan van Kakerken (Wikibase Solutions)
  27. Charlot Cobben - Wikibase Solutions
  28. Robert Sterbal
  29. Ray Frye
  30. MyWikis-JeffreyWang
  31. Phil Keith
  32. Liam Wyatt (Wikimedia Enterprise)
  33. Trae Watson
  34. Ed Jamer
  35. Nathan James
  36. Philippos Papadopoulos


To give a talk, demo or lightning talk at EMWCon, please add its title below.

  • "Page Forms: State of the Extension" – Yaron Koren
  • A MediaWiki based content services platform – Ad Strack van Schijndel
  • WSForm current status and intro to WSPageSync – Charlot Cobben - Wikibase Solutions
  • Faceted search using Elasticsearch and SMW – Robis Koopmans
  • Squaring the circle: How Wikimedia Enterprise is offering commercial SLAs the wiki-way. – Lane Becker & Ryan Brounley
  • Writing Python code to do stuff on your wiki is easier than you think - Megan Cutrofello
  • Enterprise Data Map POC : With Semantic MediaWiki and GraphViz - Alex Tanchoco
  • Deploying MediaWiki to Kubernetes 101 - Jeena Huneidi

Lightning talks[edit]

  • Naming your extensions - Yaron Koren

Create Camp[edit]

The Create Camp will be held during the conference. It will comprise small groups working together online on projects of interest to them. These can be programming projects, demonstrating best practices, tutorials, documentation efforts - anything you care to work in small groups related to MediaWiki. Some projects will span the entire Create Camp while others may be scheduled for shorter time periods such as an hour. We will maintain a working schedule here during the Create Camp of the timing. The Create Camp will start with an opening session where the group can discuss projects - although please feel free to add project suggestions below in advance to help planning. The Create Camp will end with a closing session where groups can report out on their projects.

Suggested topics:

  • Improving Cargo's "page values" display


The current sponsors of EMWCon are:

To become a sponsor, please contact Ike Hecht.