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Engellenmiş kullanıcılar, bir hizmetli tarafından IP adresinin wikide değişiklik yapmasını engellemesidir.


Engelleme arayüzü kutusu ekran görüntüsü

kullanıcı engelleme basittir. Engelleme sayfasına tıklayabilir veya bunları yapabilirsiniz:

  1. IP adresi veya kullanıcı adı: Kullanıcı adını girin. IP adresi veya "kullanıcı" adını girerek engelleyin. Hesabı engelledikten sonra kullanıcıları diğer kullanıcılar engellenmiş olarak görür. Son değişikliklerde "engel" bağlantısı katkılarında, veya geçmiş sayfalarında, otomatik olarak kullanıcı adını veya IP adresini etkiler. Bir "Kullanıcıyı engelle" bağlantısı şimdi kullanıcı ve kullanıcı mesaj sayfalarında araçlarda yer almaktadır.
  2. Actions to block: Allows a block to be configured to prohibit specific actions, therefore allowing all others.
    • Editing If checked, the target of the block will be prohibited from making changes to wiki pages, including editing, renaming, reviewing pending changes, and other change actions.
      • Sitewide Prohibits the block target from making changes to all pages on the entire wiki and creating new pages.
      • Partial Prohibits the block target from making changes only to the specified pages and/or all pages in namespaces. All other pages can still be edited, new pages can be created, and files can be uploaded. Up to 10 pages can be added to the block, non-existent ("redlink") pages cannot be blocked. The corresponding talk and subpages are not automatically blocked and must be entered separately.
    • Hesap oluşturulmasına engel ol: Selecting this option will prevent the blocked username or IP address from creating new accounts.
    • Kullanıcının e-posta göndermesine engel ol: When this option is selected, the user will be unable to use the Special:EmailUser interface. If an IP address or range is blocked with this option, and it is not set for anonymous users only, accounts logged in from that IP address or range are unable to use Special:EmailUser.
    • Bu kullanıcının engelliyken kendi mesaj sayfasında değişiklik yapmasını önle: This option is only available if $wgBlockAllowsUTEdit is set to true; it is not by default in MediaWiki 1.25 or lower. In 1.26 or later it is set to true. For a sitewide block, selecting this option prevents the IP address, range, or user from editing their own user talk page. This option is usually ignored for partial blocks; to prevent a partially blocked user from editing their own talk page, the talk page must be specified as a page to block. The only exception to this is where a partial block prohibits the target from editing the "User talk" namespace; in this situation, this option behaves as it would for a sitewide block.
  3. Bitiş süresi Engel süresini seçin ve engelleyin. Zaman için örnek 2017-01-01
  4. Reason: The reason selected from the drop-down combined with the other/additional reason specified will be used as the message displayed to the blocked user when they try to edit. The default reasons in the drop-down may be modified at MediaWiki:Ipbreason-dropdown.
  5. Select additional block options (optional): Depending on if a username or IP is being blocked and other options that may have been enabled, some or all of these options will be displayed on the form. Please see Manual:Block and unblock#Configuration settings related to blocking for information of how to enable or disable some of the following options.
    • Bu kullanıcı tarafından kullanılan son IP adresini ve değişiklik yapmaya çalıştığı sonraki IP adreslerini otomatik olarak engelle: This option is only available when blocking a username. But this is available for both partial and sitewide blocks. When selected, the user's IP will become "autoblocked" (these show up as numbers such as #17 on the active block list) for a short period of time and any other IP addresses that the blocked user tries to edit from will be blocked as well. The duration of an "autoblock" can be changed by adjusting the value of $wgAutoblockExpiry .
    • Kullanıcı adını katkılarda ve listelerde gizle: When selected, the blocked username or IP address will not be added to the block log, the active block list, or the user list. Other users with the ability to view these hidden entries will still be able to see and unblock the username or IP address. This option is not enabled in a default installation of MediaWiki; the person putting the block in place must have the hideuser permission. See Manual:User rights .
    • Bu kullanıcının kullanıcı ve tartışma sayfalarını izle: When selected, this adds the blocked user's user page and user talk page to your watchlist.
    • Bu IP adresindeki oturum açmış kullanıcıların değişiklik yapmasını önle: This option is only available when blocking an IP address. When selected, registered users who try to edit using a blocked IP address will still be able to edit. Otherwise, they will be unable to edit as well.
  6. Double-check everything you entered and click on Bu kullanıcıyı engelle. A message should appear saying if the block was successful or unsuccessful.

Engel kaldırma

To unblock a username or IP address, go to the active block list and click on the Bu engellemeyi kaldır link next to the user or IP you wish to unblock. Then, enter in an optional reason and click on the unblock button. A message should appear saying if the unblock was successful or unsuccessful.

Alternatively, navigating to Special:Unblock and provide the username or IP.

Engelleme ne anlama gelir

Sitewide blocked users are unable to edit pages, upload files, move pages, and perform other actions that additional user rights would grant. Effectively, this makes the wiki read only for those users. Until MediaWiki 1.17, sysops or others with access to the unblocking interface may still unblock others (as well as themselves if they have the unblockself right). However, since MediaWiki 1.17, blocked users who are in user groups that allow them to block nevertheless may not block or unblock other users while blocked.

Partially blocked users are only prohibited from performing change actions to the specific pages or all pages inside the namespaces configured.

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