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  • Common block reasons
    • Vandalism
    • Removing content from pages
    • Abusing multiple accounts or block evasion
    • Creating pages or inserting material not covered by's project scope
    • Creating test pages
    • Cross-wiki issues
    • Inserting false information
    • Inserting false or outdated translations
    • Inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages
    • Intimidating behaviour/harassment
    • Long-term abuse
    • Open proxy or zombie (more info)
    • Soapboxing
    • Spamming or other inappropriate promotion
    • Spam/advertising-only account
    • Unacceptable username
    • Vandalism or spamming on Phabricator
    • Vandalism-only account
  • Common reasons to change block
    • Inappropriate use of user talk page while blocked
    • Inappropriate use of Special:EmailUser while blocked