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Universal Leid Selecter

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The Universal Leid Selecter extension (ULS) provides ae flexible waa tae confeegur n deliver leid settins lik the interface leid, fonts, n inpit methids (keybuird mappins). This will permit uisers tae type tex in differant leids na directlie supportit bi thair keybuird, read content in ae screept that fonts ar na available fer locallie, or custimise the leid whaur in menus ar displeyed.

This functionalitie wis pairtiallie providit bi Narayam n WebFonts Extensions oan some wikis. The ULS replaces thae extensions n will be available in aw Wikimedia waurks fer aw uisers (logged-in n anonimis). Mair waurk speceefeec details later.

The functionalitie providit is leetit ablo:

  • The Leid settins panel. The main entrie point tae confeegur the leid tuils. It can be accessed fae the inter-leid leet oan the sidebaur, or at the personal tuilbaur fer wikis lacking inter-leid airtins.
    • The Uiser interface leid adjustmants. The uiser can chynge the leid that the UI is providit in regairdless o the content leid. At the moment, UI custimisation is yinlie providit fer loggit-in uisers.
    • The Font selection. The wab fonts ar providit fer non-laitin screepts sae that uisers can displey content in thae leids wioot instawing local fonts. Uisers can select alternateeve fonts or decide tae uise thair local fonts gif thay'r available.
    • The Inpit methid confeeguration. Uisers lackin ae keybuird fer ae pairteeculair screept can still write in that screept bi uisin inpit mappins. Hindi uisers wi ae QWERTY keybuird can write “प” bi typin “pa” whan the Hindi inpit methid is enabled.
  • TheInpit methid contextual menu. The opties fer switchin atween leids n keybuird mappins ar providit nex til ilka acteeve inpit elemant. Uisers can easilie combine Ingils, the International Phoneteec Alphabet n Russian whan writin aneat Moscow oan the Ingils Wikipædia: “Moscow (/ˈmɒskaʊ/ or /ˈmɒskoʊ/; Russian: Москва, tr. Moskva; IPA: [mɐˈskva]) is the capeetal ceetie n the maist populis federal subject o Russia.”
Leid settins lat ae registert uiser accessin the Ingils Wikipædia tae chynge the UI til his nateeve leid.
Ae Bengali uiser is able tae read content fae the Bengali Wikipædia despite the lack o fonts oan his computer. Wab fonts ar providit autæmateeclie fer non-laitin screepts that aen apen soorce font is available fer. The uiser can decide tae uise thair system fonts oan ae bi the leid basis.
Ae Hindi speaker wioot ae Hindi keybuird confeegurs inpit methids sae that he can type in his leid.
Whan rakein, ae uiser can switch atween the Ingils n Hindi.

Whan n whau will ULS be available

  • The Wiki waurks wi monie leid versions will integrate leid settins in the exeestin leid sibed aurie uised fer interleid airtins. This incluids aw o the leid versions o:
    • Wikipædia
    • Wikibuiks
    • Wikiversitie
    • Wiktionair
    • Wikiquote
    • Wikivoyage
    • Wikinews
    • Wikisoorce
  • The Wiki waurks wioot interleid airtins will integrate the leid settins in the personal tuilbaur nex til thair uiser name. This incluids the follaein wikis:
    • Wikidata
    • Wikimedia Commons
    • Wikispecies
    • MediaWiki.org
    • Meta-Wiki
    • The Wikimedia Incubater
Oan wikis wioot inter-leid airtins, the leid settins ar providit oan the personal tuilbaur.

Leemitations in functionalitie

The selection o uiser interface leid will be available yinlie fer loggit-in uisers (why? ).

Anonimis uisers canna chynge the UI leid yet. Thay can dae this bi loggin in.

Fer the Ingils Wikipædia, the inpit methid contextual menu will be disabled bi defaut. Regairdless o the ineetial state o the inpit methids, uisers can aye enable or disable thaim fer onie wiki.

Web fonts

You can enable web fonts by opening the ULS interface. Click on the gear icon, then select "Display", then select "Fonts", then enable "Download fonts when needed". See Universal Language Selector/WebFonts for more information.

Mair information

One can use ULS "लिप्यंतरण" (Transliteration) or "इनस्क्रिप्ट" (Inscript) typing options to search or edit Devanagari-script articles as shown in this video clip example. CC instructions are available for British English.

Answers til some commyn queries aneat the Universal Leid Selecter can be foond in the ASS page. Ye can lea feedback at the tauk page.

Ye can see the Interaction Design n Techneecal Design o this waurk aes weel.

Maist deveelipmant is ae pairt o the general lybries fer the Milkshake waurk (see fer GitHub repositrie information n sae oan).

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