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This page is a translated version of the page Extension:ContentTranslation and the translation is 37% complete.

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Release status:Extension status stable

ImplementationTemplate:Extension#type User interface, Page action
DescriptionTemplate:Extension#description Offeryn sy'n caniatau i olygyddion gyfieithu erthyglau gyda chymorth cyfieithu gan beiriant, ayb.
Author(s)Template:Extension#username Language Engineering TeamWikimedia Language engineering
Latest versionTemplate:Extension#version 1.0.0 (Continuous updates)
MediaWikiTemplate:Extension#mediawiki 1.25+
PHPTemplate:Extension#php 5.4+
Database changesTemplate:Extension#needs-updatephp No
LicenseTemplate:Extension#license GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
* $wgContentTranslationExperimentalFeatures
  • $wgContentTranslationDomainCodeMapping
  • $wgContentTranslationRESTBase
  • $wgContentTranslationDatabase
  • $wgContentTranslationCluster
  • $wgContentTranslationEventLogging
  • $wgContentTranslationHighMTCategory
  • $wgContentTranslationSiteTemplates
  • $wgContentTranslationTranslateInTarget
  • $wgContentTranslationAsBetaFeature
  • $wgContentTranslationDefaultSourceLanguage
  • $wgContentTranslationTargetNamespace
  • $wgContentTranslationCampaigns
  • $wgContentTranslationBrowserBlacklist
  • $wgContentTranslationCXServerAuth
  • $wgContentTranslationEnableSuggestions
Hooks usedTemplate:Extension#hook

Translate the ContentTranslation extension if it is available at

Check usage and version matrix.


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Mae'r estyniad Y Golygydd Gweladwy yn offeryn sy'n caniatau golygyddion i gyfieithu erthyglau i'r Gymraeg (neu iaith arall) gyda chymorth peiriant. Datblygir ef gan y Tim Cyfieithu Peirianyddol Wicimedia.


The extension can be retrieved directly from Git [?]:

  • Browse code
  • Some extensions have tags for stable releases.
  • Each branch is associated with a past MediaWiki release. There is also a "master" branch containing the latest alpha version (might require an alpha version of MediaWiki).

Extract the snapshot and place it in the extensions/ContentTranslation/ directory of your MediaWiki installation.

If you are familiar with git and have shell access to your server, you can also obtain the extension as follows:

cd extensions/
git clone


  • Download and place the file(s) in a directory called ContentTranslation in your extensions/ folder.
  • Add the following code at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php:
    wfLoadExtension( 'ContentTranslation' );
  • YesY Done – Navigate to Special:Version on your wiki to verify that the extension is successfully installed.

To users running MediaWiki 1.24 or earlier:

The instructions above describe the new way of installing this extension using wfLoadExtension() If you need to install this extension on these earlier versions (MediaWiki 1.24 and earlier), instead of wfLoadExtension( 'ContentTranslation' );, you need to use:

require_once "$IP/extensions/ContentTranslation/ContentTranslation.php";

Mae angen gweinydd y Golygydd Gweladwy ar yr estyniad (cxserver). Gweler Content_translation/Setup i osod y gweinydd.

Basdata o Gyfieithiadau

This extension has an optional dashboard feature, which allows translators to see all the translations across all languages. In a multilingual installation of this extension, for example in Wikimedia wikis, a central database is required to serve the dashboard feature. To create that database, see the sql/contentranslation.sql file in the extension source code; Content translation/Database has more details. Once database is created, set the $wgContentTranslationDatabase global configuration variable as the name of database:

$GLOBALS['wgContentTranslationDatabase'] =  'contenttranslation';

Extension dependencies

ContentTranslation depends on the following extensions:

UniversalLanguageSelectorUniversalLanguageSelector required
GuidedTourGuidedTour optional If installed, it will be used to show an explanation about moving a page out of user space.
EchoEcho optional If installed, it will be used for showing "congratulations" notifications after completing translation milestones.
WikibaseWikibase optional If installed and configured similarly to Wikipedia, it will be used for automatic addition of interlanguage links (as sitelinks).
EventLoggingEventLogging optional If installed, can be used to log publishing, errors, and other events.
BetaFeaturesBetaFeatures optional If installed, ContentTranslation will appear as a beta feature in the preferences.
VisualEditor required Required for editor component

Configuration variables

For the full list and defaults, see extension.json in the source repository.

Not used at the moment. Was used in the past for testing experimental features.
Used to map between non-standard language codes and actual domains. The default is the same as in Wikipedia codes and domains.
Configuration of RESTBase URL and connection parameters. The defaults are for Wikipedia.
The name of the database in which the common tables for managing translations across wikis are stored. The default is null, which means that the default database is used.
In a Wikipedia-like database configuration, the name of the cluster on which the database is hosted. The default is null, which means that the default cluster is used.
Whether EventLogging is enabled. The default is false.
A category to which pages that have a high level of machine translation are added upon publishing. The default is null.
Templates for essential URLs. The defaults assume Wikipedia, so this variable must be configured differently for other sites. Where relevant, $1 is replaced by the language code, and $2 is replaced by the page title.
Whether to open Special:ContentTranslation in the target wiki when clicking the button in the entry point. The domain will be based on $wgContentTranslationSiteTemplates. The default is to open Special:ContentTranslation on the same wiki. (For Wikipedia this is set to true.)
Whether ContentTranslation is a beta feature.
The code of the default source language shown in the language selector. The default is English (en), which is the most common source language for most language. In the English Wikipedia this is set to Spanish (es).
The default target namespace for published articles. The default is Main.
Campaigns that are available in the URL as valid values for the campaign parameter in the URL. This allows automatic enabling of the beta feature and event logging.
Browser blacklist. Uses the same format as $.client.test().
CXServer connection configuration.
Whether to use the suggestions tab and automatic suggestions. This needs the GapFinder API. This is false by default, but true in Wikipedia.
The URL for the GapFinder API, needed if ContentTranslationEnableSuggestions is true.

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