Architecture Summit 2014/Attendees


This is an invitation-only event. The target audience are mainly project maintainers and other developers involved in Requests for Comment and, in general, the future evolution of MediaWiki and related software components. All participants must specify their current involvement in the MediaWiki project, the RFC(s) that are promoting and the main future topics they want to discuss.


Name &
Role RFCs… How I'll help
…commented …to discuss
Rob Lanphier

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

Facilitating, probably some note-taking, quite possibly moderating at least some of the discussion mainly Architecture guidelines Parsoid/Roadmap, TitleValue (talk), Global scripts (talk) moderation, facilitation, and and note-taking primarily
Tomasz Finc

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

Highlighting mobile development needs mainly internal team discussions Deprecating inline styles (talk) Providing perspective for features based initiatives
Mark Holmquist

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

Representing Multimedia team's needs, wearing front-end developer hat None really, but participated in offline discussions Image information (talk), Support for user-specific page lists in core (talk), likely others as discussion plays out Could do note-taking and help with prototyping maybe
Tyler Romeo

N/A; New York

Discussing RFC designs, commenting on current proposals, ensuring security is taken into account Password requirements (talk), Clean up URLs (talk), maybe others Login security (talk), AuthStack (talk), Password requirements (talk), Deprecating inline styles (talk) Prototyping solutions, editing RFCs for clarification
Gabriel Wicke

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

Discuss Parsoid, storage services, HTML only wikis, ESI caching, packaging, .. Parsoid/Roadmap, Clean up URLs (talk), Deprecating inline styles (talk), Allow styling in templates (talk), Partial page caching (talk), API roadmap (talk), DataStore (talk) Parsoid/Roadmap, User:GWicke/Notes/Storage (RFC in development), Partial page caching (talk), TitleValue (talk) Present current implementation status and prototypes, discuss next steps and long-term vision, provide feedback on RFCs and help edit them.
Dan Garry

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

Representing the platform engineering team, in particular MediaWiki Core. Discussing platform projects with people from other teams. None at present. Tim made me aware of the RfCs recently, and has asked me to get involved. Unsure at present. See above. Can talk about each project that's being worked on with me as PM (OAuth, CirrusSearch, admin tools, SUL finalisation, SecurePoll improvements, central CSS/JS code).
Howie Fung

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

Observer None None Happy to help out in whatever capacity the team needs.
Daniel Kinzler Senior Developer at the Wikidata project -/- TitleValue (talk) Provide insight into the best practices and experiences at the Wikidata project.
Nik Everett

Wikimedia Foundation; Raleigh, North Carolina

Developer Simplify thumbnail cache (talk), URL shortener (talk) (via IRC I think), LESS (talk), CirrusSearch (talk) (my baby), Scoping site CSS (talk) I have none at this point. Hopefully insightful comments.
Chad Developer Configuration database (talk), Extension release management (talk) Drop actions in favour of page views and special pages (talk), Abstract table definitions (talk) I'm opinionated :)
Bryan Davis

Wikimedia Foundation; Boise, Idaho

Developer, "Outsider" perspective Simplify thumbnail cache (talk) Simplify thumbnail cache (talk) (author), Architecture guidelines Comments, Questions, Other duties as assigned
Jon Robson

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

Developer - January is a while away so it's hard to say but Styling in templates and RL template support (to be written up) -
Chris Steipp

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

Security perspective, platform's needs, developer Allow styling in templates, Alternative Commons Domains Login security (talk), AuthStack (talk), Deprecating inline styles (talk), Password requirements (talk) Contribute to the conversation
Brad Jorsch; Wikimedia Foundation; North Carolina Developer Architecture guidelines, API roadmap (talk), Scoping site CSS (talk), Support for user-specific page lists in core (talk), various others Architecture guidelines, API roadmap (talk) Contribute to discussion, write code, hopefully provide some useful "enwiki community" perspective too
MZMcBride serial commentator and sassmaster; heavily involved in bug triaging, process, and meta-process; somewhat involved in user support, end-user documentation, and code/project development; rarely involved in writing code no idea providing institutional memory, providing first-hand experience of the RFC process (Reimplement info action (talk), Add developer link to footer of Wikimedia wikis (talk)), note-taking, &c.; side note/humblebrag: I'm the reason the RFC process still exists (there was a past effort to merge it into the older review queue that I nixed ;-)
Aaron Schulz

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

platform's needs, developer Architecture guidelines, thumbnail cache Login security (talk), AuthStack (talk), Architecture guidelines Contribute to the conversation
Sean Pringle; Wikimedia Foundation; Australia DBA - - Contribute to the conversation
Siebrand Mazeland

Wikimedia Foundation,; Netherlands

keep an eye i18n/L10n needs Not that many Updated i18n format, MediaWiki independent i18n (mostly for frontend) How I'll help: Keep forward momentum
Mark Hershberger

Release manager

Tarball construction, working with third parties, supporting MW users, occasional bug fixes API roadmap Opt-in site registration during installation (talk) Make sure small user's needs are considered, working with orgs like CPanel and VirtualMin
Markus Glaser

Release manager; Germany

release manager, working with 3rd party users (mainly in enterprise context), BlueSpice, Wikimedia Germany Cirrus_search, Login Security, Site registration, Extension release management Parsoid, MediaWiki Foundation, Configration database note taking, bring in view of 3rd party users, alternative funding models, integration with other software
Erik Bernhardson

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

Developer - - -
Steven Walling

WMF product mis-manager, San Francisco

Primarily observer, may contribute some LESS (co-author), Workflow, Clean up URLs, Grid system Support for user-specific page lists in core, Grid system, Password requirements I'll do all non-technical scutwork as needed, including note-taking, product/design review as desired, etc.
Niklas Laxström mainly i18n and things affecting LangEng team development work LESS, CirrusSearch, Grid system, MediaWiki Foundation, Configuration database Grid, l10n file formats (to be written), Isolate custom jQuery libraries, Vertical writing support (maybe) Continue the many year effort making sure that our i18n support stays on the leading edge (should not be taken for granted). Knowledge of many pieces of MediaWiki. Being and working with 3rd party users. Can write blog posts.
Sam Reed

Wikimedia Foundation; United Kingdom

WMF (Software|Release) Engineer - - Fixing and/or breaking things.
Roan Kattouw

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

Committee member; Developer - Sharing front-end UX libraries (maybe; to write); Providing front-end architectural perspective
Trevor Parscal

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

Developer - Front-end UX libraries (to write) Providing front-end architectural perspective
Timo Tijhof

Wikimedia Foundation; the Netherlands

Developer - Front-end, infrastructure and continuous integration issues as they arise (e.g. ResourceLoader 2.0) Providing front-end architectural perspective and especially JavaScript engineering roadmap
James Forrester

Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco

Product Manager; perspective of former third-party sysadmin/re-user on packaging/release management - - Organisational help; providing architectural process advice and perspective of front-end team on infrastructure priority needs
Alex Monk

N/A; South East England, UK

Volunteer developer I've commented on various RFC-related topics, mostly via IRC: Login security, Configuration database (part of which would be related to DataStore), Reimplement info action, Scoping site CSS Global notifications, Configuration database, Drop actions in favour of page views and special pages, probably more as they come up. Participate in the conversation. I didn't really have any extra tasks in mind, but I'm happy to help out in most other ways that might be needed.
Max Semenik

WMF, Russia

Developer Wrote DataStore, in process of doing Requests for comment/Minifier discussed a few others like Architecture guidelines DataStore, Minifier, architecture guidelines, might be interested in a broad range of non-frontend RFCs Contribute to the conversation
Santhosh Thottingal

WMF, India

Developer, Language Engineering - l10n file format(to be written), CSS grid Help with i18n perspective, frond end engineering discussion
Owen Davis

Wikia, Inc

Developer - MVC Frameworks, Service Oriented Architectures Commenting and participating on PHP Architecture
Ori Livneh Performance engineer Co-wrote Requests for comment/LESS RFP Architecture guidelines Estimate performance impact of RFPs; spot potential problems; articulate performance acceptability standards. Watch some experienced hands do the same and take notes.
TheDJ; The Netherlands Developer, en.wp/commons admin, bug triage, WP:VP/T resident - Math, media, image information, deprecating inline styles en.wp and commons community insight and feedback. (
Victor Vasiliev Volunteer developer - IRC RC feed replacement, Configuration database, probably more May volunteer to prototype
Legoktm, San Jose Developer, enwp/wikidata admin, pywikibot developer Global notifications (author), Wikidata API, API roadmap, and a few others on IRC. Global notifications, API stuff Provide community insight and feedback
Isarra Yos, Colorado Volunteer developer and designer, third-party sysadmin Not sure (mostly over IRC) Configuration database, that front-end UX libraries one Trevor/Roan'll write, possibly something about the skin system in general (time permitting) Ensure that usability concerns and smaller projects' needs are addressed, and whatever is needed
Jeff Green, WMF Massachusetts Ops/Fundraising offline comments Requests_for_comment/CentralNotice Caching Overhaul - Frontend Proxy Not sure Contribute to discussion, learn more about frontend infrastructure
Inez Developer (Wikia) - - Providing back-end and front-end architectural perspective
Bartosz "Matma Rex" Dziewoński
n/a, Poland
Volunteer developer, Wikipedian (Polish Wikipedia admin) Commented on several, none substantially. Anything I can contribute to, mostly in frontend. Likely prototyping and providing non-English Wikipedians' point of view.
Mike Schwartz

Wikia, Inc

- - - Anything I can do to help. Discuss and contribute to long-term architectural direction discussions.
Federico Lucignano

Wikia, Inc

Developer (Platform) - REST API Contribute 3rd party developers' perspective to architectural discussions
Wikia, Wikimedia Poland
Community Engineering Manager at Wikia Regex-based blacklist, possibly others in the future not sure yet, but interested in stuff like: continuous integration, auto-updates, i18n Technical writing and copyediting, plus wearing my Wikimedia and Wikia hats at once for maximum insights and synergy ;)
Raimond Spekking

Volunteer developer, Cologne, Germany

keep an eye i18n/L10n needs - Unsure at present Bringing in the community perspective of dewiki and of 3rd party users
Brian Wolff

Developer, Canada

developer. Especially interested in multimedia related things, bugfixing. minor comments here and there. Nothing substansive though that i can think of. Participated in the irc meeting interested in Simplify thumbnail cache (talk). Generally interested in most of the non-frontend rfcs discussion. Prototyping things (?)
Maciej Szumocki

Engineer at Wikia

developer - - participate in discussions about architecture and APIs
Antoine "hashar" Musso

Wikimedia Foundation; France

Beta cluster/Continuous integration Standardized thumbnails sizes From drafts:

From discussion:

From Accepted:

Help folks reach a consensus. Wear the newbie hat to write tutorial/doc/exeamples when relevant. Tests needed!
Faidon Liambotis

Wikimedia Foundation; Athens, Greece

Operations Engineer internal team discussions, various ad-hoc cross-team architecture discussions, Simplify thumbnail cache (talk) Simplify thumbnail cache (talk) (co-author), media storage future Contribute to the conversation
Katie Filbert, WMDE; Berlin / DC Software Engineer Standardized thumbnails sizes (talk) TitleValue (talk), DataStore (talk), New sites system (talk), possibly may have something about recent changes since I'm working on that Bring perspective from Wikidata project, can help take notes. (was at meetings in Amsterdam and Hong Kong)
Yuri Astrakhan, Wikimedia Foundation; New York API, ESI Architecture guidelines, API roadmap (talk), Wikidata API (talk) Architecture guidelines, API roadmap (talk) Finalize(I hope) API discussion, and try to move it towards implementation. Try to get Wikidata API off the ground.
Matthew Flaschen, Wikimedia Foundation; Philadelphia Software Engineer working on both extensions and core. Will give feedback on RFCs I've worked on and new topics that arise. Password requirements (talk) (created, but have not had an opportunity to follow up recently), LESS (talk) (commented, helped test and review), Support for user-specific page lists in core (talk) (I've also discussed this elsewhere besides the linked wiki page), Deprecating inline styles (talk), Allow styling in templates (talk), Standardized thumbnails sizes (talk), Scoping site CSS (talk), Clean up URLs (talk) Would particularly like to work on Password requirements (talk) and Support for user-specific page lists in core (talk). Styling (e.g. Allow styling in templates (talk)) is also quite important to mobile, though this needs to be considered carefully. There are also other significant ones, of course. Discuss anything that comes up, particularly the ones I identified in the right column adjacent. May help implement and review some, such as Support for user-specific page lists in core (talk).
Reuben Smith, wikiHow; Palo Alto Software Engineer working on both extensions and infrastructure. - - Discuss whatever comes up
Katie Horn, Wikimedia Foundation; San Francisco CA Software Engineer; Fundraising Tech Lead - - Interested in discussion and getting a better sense of the overall roadmap
Marius Hoch (hoo) Software developer (admin tools and security as a volunteer, also Wikidata etc.) TitleValue (talk). Also interested in login, security and admin tools related things and whatever comes up. Contribute to the conversation with my experience with (partly legacy) extensions, Wikidata and with (on wiki) scripts.
Christian Williams, Wikia, Inc Developer - MVC Frameworks, Service Oriented Architectures Planning and prototyping JavaScript and CSS/Less/Sass
Tim Starling - - - -
Mark Bergsma - - - -
Brion Vibber - - - -
Gilles Dubuc New Tech Lead for Multimedia - - -
Matt Walker - - - -
Diederik van Liere WMF Cat herder - -
Dan Andreescu - - - -