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An other waty to do this

Dantman (talkcontribs)

Another method that goes a little further and is a little more sane in the future might be to drop SpecialPages, Actions, Article, and {Category,Image,etc...}Page classes and replace them with one set of classes in charge of building page outputs and a system that uses rules to determine what class should handle the page.

Comparison between current handling and PageView with request routing.

Basically instead of the top level Article, top level SpecialPage, and top level Action that each work in a different way we would instead have one abstract top level PageView that works in one way. Everything that previously existed as something else would be replaced with a PageView subclass. Common traits and patterns would become abstract subclasses of PageView that would be subclassed instead of PageView directly.

A router would pick the right PageView to use for a specific request with rules loaded into it like:

  • (title) + (action = edit) -> EditPageView
  • (title = Special:Edit) -> EditPageView
  • (title) + (action = history) -> HistoryPageView
  • (title = Special:History) -> HistoryPageView
  • ...
  • (title = Special:Whatlinkshere) -> WhatlinksherePageView
  • (title) + (action = whatlinkshere) -> WhatlinksherePageView (?)
  • ...
  • (title = Special:Block) -> BlockPageView
  • ...
  • (title ns Category:) -> CategoryPageView
  • (title ns File:) -> FilePageView
  • ...
  • (title) -> ArticlePageView
  • (title) + (action = view) -> ArticlePageView
  • ...
  • (title ns Special:) -> LegacySpecialPageView
  • (title) + (action) -> LegacyActionPageView
  • () = NoPageView (generic 404 or mainpage redirect) (?)

Things like EditPageView, HistoryPageView, and WhatlinksherePageView would subclass a TitlePageView to provide title targeting. And others like BlockPageView would subclass a UserPageView to provide user targeting.

Various parts of the rules could be tied to the i18n system. ie: The special page name translations could easily be added in. (Though I wight want to have that name mapping setup generalized to apply to other things).

Extensions could even take over things in ways they could never do before. For example a "(title ns Thread:) + (action = history)" rule could be used to replace the history page view completely for a specific namespace.

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