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Get one minute of Redis activity[edit]

PASS=$(mwscript eval.php enwiki <<<'echo "$wmgRedisPassword";' | head -1)
bash redis-cli -a $PASS monitor &
sleep 60
kill $!


Useful miscellany from the redis-db list

Memory usage of redis suspiciously exceeds size of dump[edit]

  • What types of keys do you have? How big are they? What are they storing?
  • In INFO output: memory fragmentation ratio, used_memory_rss
  • Debug memory use with DEBUG OBJECT <key>


  • It's not documented, but you can use ZINTERSTORE and ZUNIONSTORE with SETs in Redis, they act as though their members all have a score of 1.
  • BLPOP will block the connection until a new item is available to pop from a list