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The review queue consists of MediaWiki extensions and other code that must go through the review process before possibly being deployed to Wikimedia wikis. Writing an extension for deployment can be a time-consuming project; any interested party is encouraged to start the process long before any deadline.

To get an extension into the review queue, please file a task in Phabricator. After creating that task, click "Edit Related Tasks... > Edit Parent Tasks" and add task number T33235.

To see all extensions awaiting review, the "Task Graph" list in T33235 links to all yet unreviewed/in-progress extensions.

Once an extension has made it through review (including product, design, and security evaluations), then the extension can be scheduled for deployment by the Wikimedia Foundation Release Manager.


  1. The production deployment tracking task:
    • Create a task (see above) for the extension's deployment to Wikimedia wikis. This task should only concern deployment itself, any sub-issues (that block deployment) should be separate subtasks (listed under "Task Graph") that block this parent task.
  2. Create on-wiki documentation
    1. Create Extension: page on (use Template:Extension for this) for developers and people who will install or configure the extension.
    2. Create Help:Extension: page on for end-user documentation. Cross-link it with the above.
  3. Request creating a project in Phabricator if none exists yet.
  4. Get the extension code into a Git/Gerrit repository.
  5. Show community support/desire for the extension to be deployed, if applicable.
  6. Request and incorporate feedback the needed reviews:
    1. A security review: Open a security review task and mark it as a subtask of the main deployment task
    2. A product review, if applicable
    3. A design review, if applicable.
  7. After the security review, request deployment to the Beta Cluster (this can aid the other reviews).
  8. Make sure the extension is automatically branched.
  9. Request a date/time for deployment in the deployment tracking task.
    • "You" (the person or persons driving/requesting this) will need to be online (on IRC) and available during the deployment to respond to any issues that might arise.


  • Create user documentation for the extension in the Help: namespace on, e.g. Help:VisualEditor/User guide. Screencasts can be useful in explaining how things work.
  • Post your idea to the wikitech-l mailing list to get feedback from experienced developers and Wikimedians
  • Communicate your ideas/plans to affected wikis to garner both support and suggestions/feedback

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