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  • Self-CheckUsering (Extension:AccountInfo)
  • Self-renaming
  • Login via e-mail address and case-insensitive login
  • Queue service
    • Integrate with category description pages (filtering and exporting capability)
    • Integrate with Special:WhatLinksHere
    • Expose API queries
    • Export as CSV, plaintext, HTML
    • Providing a means for unprivileged and unskilled users to be able to generate lists from MediaWiki and potentially iterate through such lists (retain state)
  • Global user pages
  • Fixing the login system and killing includes/templates/
  • Fixing media search
    • By file type
    • By file size
    • By color
    • By tag
  • Upload via e-mail and maybe via Facebook or arbitrary web URL [duhhhh]
  • Fixing the Wikimedia Shop
  • Possible additional indexed(!) columns for the page table:
    • revision count (page_revision_count or whatever)
    • suffix index (page_title_reversed maybe?)
      • already possible with yanker
      • maybe extend the yanker model instead using Elasticsearch and wildcards???
    • pages created index (page_first to match page_latest? or page_author?)