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Wikimedia Research/Design Research/Projects

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Project Team Date

We are no longer updating this list. Please see our website for information about our projects.

Wikistories Early Adopters Research Inuka Jan 2023
Campaigns Event Registration Page User Testing Campaigns Dec 2022
Momentum: Empirical evaluation of Wikipedia consumption, community, and content Product Department Sep 2022
User testing of Bangla WikiFunctions prototype Abstract Wiki July 2022
Wikimedia Commons Research Product Department July 2022
Newcomer Positive Reinforcement - Cross-cultural feedback synthesis Growth July 2022
IP Editing on Japanese Wikipedia Growth July 2022
The Future of IP-based editing Anti-harassment Jun 2022
Section Translation Feedback Survey Language May 2022
Special search improvements: Arabic readers user testing Structured Data May 2022
Special search improvements: Spanish readers user testing Structured Data May 2022
Event Organizers: a study in 4 African countries Campaigns Mar 2022
Optimal Text Settings on Wikipedia: A literature review Web Mar 2022
Content Moderation in Medium-Sized Wikimedia Projects Moderator Tools Mar 2022
Section Translation Post-Improvements Testing Language Feb 2022
Wikistories Indonesia Concept Testing Inuka Feb 2022
Wikistories Africa Inuka Feb 2022
IP Editors Spanish, Bengali, Japanese, and Arabic Wikis Growth Feb 2022
User testing of English Wikifunctions prototype Abstract Wiki Feb 2022
Section Translation Entry Points Language August 2021
Communication + Mentorship Product Department August 2021
Parity Project Product Department July 2021
Wikimail Anti-Harassment Tools June 2021
Young people online in Latin America (Literature Review) Product Department August 2021
Media Matching Structured Data June 2021
Verifiability on Wikipedia The Wikipedia Library May 2021
Digital Spaces // Topical Neighborhoods Product Department June 2021
Targets of Harassment Anti-Harassment Tools June 2021
Emerging Education Phase 1 Inuka May 2021
Section Translation Usability Testing Language March 2021
Desktop UI: TOC/Sticky Header Inuka March 2021
Wikifucntions Phase 1 & 2 Abstract Wiki February 2021
Taxonomy of Harassment Anti-Harassment Tools January 2021
Section Translation Test Server Feedback Language January 2021
KaiOS App Usability Inuka December 2020
Multilingual Editor Experiences Language November 2020
CheckUser Improvements Anti-Harassment Tools October 2020
Patroller's Study Anti-Harassment Tools September 2020
Trusted: Signals, Inferences & Indicators Product Department September 2020
IP (Anonymous) Editors Growth September 2020
Interpersonal Communication on Wikipedia Product Department June 2020
Media use of Wikipedia Product Department June 2020
Android Suggested Edits v5 Usability Mobile Apps June 2020
Structured Data Across Wikipedia Structured Data June 2020
Content Translation Newcomer Survey Language June 2020
Why Do People Edit? Literature Review Product Department June 2020
Why Do People Edit? Executive Summary Product Department June 2020
Why Do People Edit? Annotated Bibliography Product Department June 2020
Content Moderation on Wikipedia Cheatsheet Anti-Harassment Tools June 2020
CheckUser Wireframes Anti-Harassment Tools June 2020
Machine Translation Meets Human Perception Product Department May 2020
Section Translation Content Language March 2020
Desktop Improvements p2 Reader's Web April 2020
Remote WMF Worker Experience Wikimedia Foundation January 2020
Desktop Improvements p1 Reader's Web January 2020
Android Microcontributions Android App December 2019
Check User Workflow Community Health Initiative November 2019
IP Patroller's Study Anti-Harassment Tools November 2019
New Page Patrol Anti-Harassment Tools September 2019
New Readers Product Department September 2019
IP Masking Impact Report Anti-Harassment Tools July 2019
Community Health Survey Community Health Initiative June 2019
Movement Organizers Wikimedia Foundation June 2019
Ethical and Human-Centered AI Product Department April 2019
Harassment on Arabic Wikipedia Community Health Initiative February 2019
Reporting System Rubric for the Community Health Initiative Anti-Harassment Tools February 2019
Augmentation Product Department January 2019
Mobile Contributions Mobile Apps January 2019
Steward Spambot Workflow Anti-Harassment Tools December 2018
English Wikipedia Reporting Sytems Anti-Harassment Tools November 2018
Contribution taxonomy Editing June 2018
Contributors Team UX Research Contributors 2016-2018
New Editor Experiences Growth 2017-2018
Reading Team UX Research Readers 2015-2017
New editor support strategies Collaboration October 2016
Notification user survey Collaboration May 2016
Editing Tasks Survey  Editing March 2015
Notification page prototype research Collaboration March 2016
Content Translation campaign prototype testing Language Engineering January 2016
Cross-wiki notifications research Collaboration January 2016
Link Inspector Usability Testing Editing November 2015
Heuristic Evaluation of image upload in the visual editor Editing October 2015
Heuristic evaluation of visual editing on Android, Mobile October 2015 Editing October 2015
Guerrilla Testing iOS 5 Navigation October 2015
Heuristic evaluation of visual editing on iOS and Android phones Editing September 2015
New editor curation tools experience interviews Collaboration September 2015
Initial evaluation of article recommendations Language Engineering September 2015
Mobile Contribution Discovery at Wikimania 2015 July 2015
Community process workflow interviews Collaboration June 2015
Usability/Understanding Moderated Sessions: Findings & Recommendations June 2015
Guerrilla Testing for iOS App June 2015
Heuristic Evaluation May 2015
Usability testing citations dialogue on VE, brand new editors Editing May 2015
UserTesting.com for basic editing tasks on VE, brand new editors Editing April 2015
Collection of VE Research Editing April 2015
Moderated Sessions for VE discovery and usability, brand new and casual editors Editing March 2015
Editing Tasks Card Sort Editing March 2015
Finding content inside Flow / Discussions Collaboration March 2015
Reader Behavior Exploratory Research Readers March 2015
Renaming Survey March 2015
Guerrilla Testing: Wikigrok Version B December 2014
Guerrilla Testing: Search and Search results Discovery December 2014
Guerrilla Testing Wikigrok Version A November 2014
Media Viewer Validation, Moderated Testing November 2014
Flow Moderated Testing: talk pages and Flow Collaboration November 2014
Guerrilla Testing Reading Behavior (App Layouts) Readers October 2014
Media Viewer Enable / Disable Flow Usability testing September 2014
Task suggestions September 2014
Media Viewer Iteration Usability August 2014
Guerrilla Testing On-boarding Page and some discovery about readers and their thoughts on editing Readers July 2014
Guerrilla Testing iOS App Readers July 2014
Media Viewer and Image Page View July 2014
Winter / Fixed Header June 2014
Other Winter User Tests June 2014
Guerrilla Testing Table of Contents discovery Readers June 2014
Guided tours Growth June 2014
Guerrilla Testing for iOS iPad Visual Editor Editing June 2014
Guerrilla Testing for iOS iPad Visual Editor Editing June 2014
Heuristic Evaluation for Visual Editor (iOS) Editing May 2014
Guerrilla Testing: Description editing March 2014
Onboarding new Wikipedians Growth October 2013