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Guerrilla Testing iOS App Onboarding

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Guerilla Testing for iOS App[edit]

We needed some quick feedback on the on boarding experience (first time opening the app a page pops up asking users to log in / create an account or skip). There were some concerns that people would have a negative reaction to the login request and close the app. So, we went out to see what we could find out. Though we only observed 5 people, we have more information directly from users than we did before to add to the mix of opinions and thoughts on this topic.


Three of us from the design team went to Yerba Buena Park and found 5 people who were willing to spend 5-10 minutes with us providing feedback. 

 Tasks Tested  

 We reset the app each time, so each new person would have the login for the first time experience. Each person was asked the basic questions we always ask (see bottom of page), and then gave them the phone with the app ready to go. Then, we then observed what they did on that page, observed where they went and what they said (we ask people to think out loud so we can better understand their experience). We asked a few follow up questions, and then asked them to search for something they are interested in (to see how they thought to search, and how it worked for them)  

Observations: Hypothesis to be further tested[edit]

1. None of the 5 people had any difficulty finding "skip" and moving through the login on boarding page. The sign in page did not make anyone uncomfortable, they all readily knew how to skip through and did so quickly. (They had no idea we were even interested in the log in page.)

2. All of the 5 people said they would not have logged in - Most of them don't have Wikipedia accounts, and those who do, had them a long time ago. These people are all readers and have only edited a tiny bit if at all. (Also, the context is strange as they are on someone else's phone, they are in the park and this is a quick test. We can not determine if they would have signed in or not in their own context and on their own device.)

3. No one had any difficulty finding search, and all found what they were looking for easily. One person mentioned he liked having images in the search because it helped him understand more about the page - and it aided him in deciding which page to click on in the disambiguation page.

Raw Notes[edit]

Abbey's Notes[edit]

Man (20-30s)[edit]

Basic questions:

uses iPhone

no tablet

uses a Mac laptop

He Reads wikipedia - knows anyone can edit - said he dosn't edit because there is no reason for him to do it, info is there. Also, he has thought about editing, he might add something, but he said he doesn't have time to "do it right".

Opens App

  • Clicked right through first page (pressed [skip]) When asked why he skipped logging in - he said "I have never signed in, there is no incentive. If I were a content contributor, it might be different. If there were feeds to subscribe to - to learn about something specific, or to discover new things, maybe I would have incentive to sign in.
  • Expected to highlight text and be able to edit right there.


The questions we always ask[edit]

Participant: Male Female Age: 15-25 26-35 36-45 46-56 57+

1. What kind of phone do you use?

iPhone Android Other

2. Do you use a tablet?   Y  N   If so, what Kind?

3. Do you use a computer? Y N  If so, what kind?

4. Do you use Wikipedia? (let them answer then follow up)

No Yes: Read Yes: I edit too

5. If they don’t mention editing, ask: Do you know that anyone can edit Wikipedia? No Yes, but I don’t Yes, and I do edit.     How often?

6. If no, Yes but I don't , Ask: have you ever considered editing? Tell us your about your thinking on editing Wikipedia.