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Heuristic Evaluation of image upload in the visual editor, (October, 2015)

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Evaluate the usability of the image uploader within visual editor. It has been released to production already, but we would still like to be aware of any potential usability issues and be able to iterate them if needed. So, the goal of this evaluation is to evaluate the product with the basic heuristics, and call out what works and what doesn't (if anything), along the lines of usability.


Review the basics actions of uploading images to Wikipedia articles via the image uploader, note any issues, along with actions that work well, make recommendations, and share with the team that built it.

Heuristics Used[edit]

Nielsen/ Norman 10 Heuristics for User Interface Design


Presentation of findings.

We shared these findings with the team building visual editing on mobile, filed phabricator tasks to address bugs and UX issues, and discussed next steps toward addressing issues observed. Even though the image upload version was outdated, some issues found were still relevant.