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Mobile Contribution Discovery at Wikimania 2015

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Goals of this Research[edit]

Since Wikimania is a great place to talk with and learn from wiki contributors of all kinds, we decided to learn what we could from contributors about mobile contributions at Wikimania 2015. If people do not contribute on mobile, we want to better understand why not, as well as learning from those who do contribute via mobile devices.

This research will serve as a very beginning of deeper mobile contribution research, potentially providing some hypotheses for how to proceed.


The Wikimedia Design Research team had a table at Wikimania 2015. At this booth, we invited people to participate in this mobile contribution research via two methodologies.


This simple survey asked basic questions about mobile contribution. We printed it on paper (as sometimes paper is the best technology), and made it so people can fill it out on their laptop or mobile device. There were 54 total responses to the survey.


We interviewed as many people who were willing to talk with us and show us how they contribute to wiki projects on mobile devices. 14 people participated, and we recorded each interview to be able to see how people use their mobile devices.

Analysis plan[edit]

Trello board used for card sorting: https://trello.com/b/mEDxspP2/mobile-contribution-exploratory-research-analysis

Align finishing this analysis with WMF monthly metrics in October


  • review all interview videos and create postits to represent insights / observations
  • All researchers divide up the videos to review and pull insights and observations from.
  • use P1 - P14 along with recording time code to indicate which participant shared this insight - add this to bottom of post it.
  • one observation / insight per post- it.. .keep it short, as well as adding enough info for people reading after you to understand.
  • before adding a post it (observation or insight), look at any existing post-its to get them in your mind.
  • each have our own lane - add observations (label for participant, time code, observed vs described)
  • if you start to see a pattern, build a new lane as a placeholder add appropriate cards there.
  • Gather together to do affinity mapping of all post its
  • discuss and pull important observations / insights and any patterns we may find.
  • send thanks to people on their talk pages for participating - is there a sticker we can give them? a kitten perhaps?


  • pull graphs of quant / multiple choice answers
  • review all text based answers, look for patterns / insights
  • start a new note.ly board for survey analysis? or add to same board?
  • review all text based answers in survey and create post - its / or should we just bucket the answers?
  • define what we learned, pull some interesting quotes
  • send thanks to people on their talk pages for participating in survey is there a sticker we can give them? a kitten perhaps?

Pull it all together[edit]

Look at interviews and survey analysis.. define what we learned - define questions for moving forward. - build our perspective for moving forward with this discovery research.