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A survey has been run by the design research team to help decide the best naming for a feature that corresponds to Extension:Gather's functionality, which enables logged in users to create and share listed of Wikipedia articles. Suggested names were: Stacks, Boards, Sets, and Collections, where collections scored 61% of the votes. You can view the exact survey on Qualtrics here

First Question:[edit]

We asked reader volunteers to choose the name that best fits this concept as they understand it. There were four choices with randomized presentation order.

Answer Response %
Collections 33 61%
Sets 3 6
Stacks 10 19%
Board 8 15%
Total 54 100%

Question two:[edit]

How do you interact with Wikipedia?

Answer Response %
I read wikipedia and have never contributed content 31 61%
I read Wikipedia and have contributed content a little, but not frequently 18 35%
I read Wikipedia and contribute content frequently 0 0%
I don't interact with Wikipedia at all 1 2%
Other 1 2%
Total 51 100%

Question Three[edit]

How did you understand the feature?

  • Collections is more close to the natural way that I think of a list of items.
  • It's a collection of multiple articles in specific folders.
  • A method of collecting relevant articles into one cohesive unit.
  • stacks, because all similar links or article links are stacked up and can be accessed at one go.
  • I just choosing ,I don't really understand the concept
  • Public collections of articles. Kinda like playlists, Wikipedia-style. (I might actually suggest a play-of-words off of "playlist," actually."Readlists" or something.)
  • Readers interested in x are also interested in y grouped by areas oft interest
  • This feature allows editors to create collections of articles around certain themes, and readers to find these collections (although I'm not sure how they're selected for my viewing).
  • It is a way for you to categorize your interest and share your interest with your friends.
  • Information graph
  • I can access an area of wikipedia where i see collections of different elements, I assume taken from wikipedia contents, as they are collected either by some other user i'm following or by myself
  • It's choosing by different types of music.
  • Libraries. Because it's a collection of collection of articles.
  • A group of interests that I return to often
  • A collection is a non-hierarchical group of items within a certain category.
  • It's a way of bookmarking your favorite pages. I would call it "favorites" or "bookmarks."
  • Facilitates research on topics of interest and compiles past research into groups for future reference.
  • Personal lists of articles of interest
  • Collections of articles that are related and were chosen by users like playlists
  • Boards like a blog of music or stuff you like.
  • Something like a bookmarking system in wikipedia.
  • Grouping together related wikipedia articles, based on the title of the collection/set/stack
  • Reminds me of Amazon’s “people who looked at this ALSO looked at THESE products” gambit. It pushes you in a certain direction, anticipating your future possible interests based on recorded past choices.
  • Connected but not the same means collection to me.
  • It's providing a link to other Wikipedia users' recorded interests.
  • A collection of interesting things, from my point of view. A sort of bookmark collection
  • It is like Pinterest board. Someone's collection of different wiki articles.
  • I think it's a way of creating a favorites list but I'm not sure. I don't know what "New feature" means in the menu that appears so I'm not sure what I would be creating.
  • User-created collections of related Wikipedia articles
  • Users can create groupings of Wikipedia content that they are interested in.
  • You are able to create "categroies" and move articles to each pertaining category.
  • It's like Pinterest for Wikipedia content.
  • An experiment in trying to personalize wikipedia.
  • It seems like a place you find similar articles which fit your interests!
  • This concept is quite good but it would be better if wikipedia can make wiki app for internet searcher like me then it can be easier for users to search in wikipedia
  • Boards. As I believe. Would be different 'pages' boarded info
  • In My understanding "Boards" means what I am interested in at the moment. I could have several topics on my desk which I am interested, therefor it would make more sense to using word such as Boards.
  • The concept appears similar to the flipboard app where similar topics (from same or different source) are grouped under one single heading.
  • No, I barely understand it
  • I see it as similar to a playlist that you might share publicly, only with articles. I like the idea of calling it a collection because of the word's library connotation.
  • Collections best describes the concept because they are lists curated by individual people. The concept is curating select articles for a purpose.
  • I like the concept of sets better than stacks or collections; boards are my least favorite. The concept is groupings of information created by *Wikipedia users using wiki information based on a common theme. For example there can be a set for music, places, people or ideas. Such sets could be created by anyone and people with a Wikipedia Account could follow people who create such sets. While boards seems like a common analogy with *Pinterest and the like, it doesn't seem appropriate for Wikipedia. However I'm not a big Pinterest to user. Collections almost seem right, but you're not collecting anything; it's really aggregation, hence sets.
  • The three sets of articles have nothing to do with each other. Thriller as in taking a challenge climbing a mountain and thriller as in radical thinking are just too far fetched. Neither would I be listening to thriller if I was a climbing a mountain. I was say Stacks because you're just putting it on top of each other. It took me a while to see where it was going. They are only slightly related to each other with the thriller concept.
  • To me this seems like a 'top ten' list or perhaps something more along the lines of 'here is what I found interesting' I guess to me it seems like the website algorithm which shows you what other people who also selected this particular item are also clicking on.. except specifically user generated rather than generated indirectly from user input
  • It's a stack of related articles that the reader might find interesting. Awesome concept!
  • A group of entity types
  • Articles organized by topics, ability to follow topics.
  • A series of cascading links which allow you to follow some aspect of an original question in different directions

Further names extracted from survey or suggested by community[edit]

  • Readlists
  • Playlists
  • Bookmarks
  • Favorites