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Project:Leid policie

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This page is a translated version of the page Project:Language policy and the translation is 88% complete.
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This page describes the nou multi-lingual policie oan MediaWiki.org.


Help: namespace

Wiin the Help: namespace we'r biggin ae set o publeec domain heelp pages. The ettle is tae gie ae baseec set o heelp pages that micht be imported intil new wikis coverin the baseec eeeditin n uissage instructions. Thir shid be owerset intil aes monie leids aes possible.

  • Ingils is the main referance leid, n aw ruit pages shid be named n wrutten in Ingils.
  • Sub-pages shid yinlie be uised fer owersets intil ither leids, na fer Ingils content (e.g. ye shidna uise Table editing/example - uise Table editing example or Example of table editing in its steid).
  • Gif aen international version o ae page exeests bit ean Ingils version disna, than please cræft ae stub airticle fer the Ingils version aes this aids naveegation.

This system will be compatible wi the planned autæmatit import/export o Heelp pages, bit micht need ae wee bit o wairkin roond tae export/import non-English pages in the interim.

Owerset extension

We'r nou uising the Translate extension fer several pages. This uises the subpage convention, wi {{#translation:}} fer categeries.

The system is recommended at least fer the maist veesitit pages n aw new heelp, manual n (main) extension pages, bit nae policie haes been estableeshed oan this yet.

Ye can speir fer ae page tae be added til owersetin bi preparin it fer owersetin, than aen owerset admeenistrater will hae tae enable it (see the tuterial Hou tae prepare ae page fer owersetin); itherwise, speir directlie til yin o the owerset admeenistraters tae dae it.

Auld system

  • Ither leids shid be placed in aen appropreeatelie named sub-page o the Ingils version. Fer example, the French version o Help:Contents shid be at Help:Contents/fr (not Help:Contenu, Aide:Contenu or Help:Contenu/fr).
  • Lied sub-pages shid be named uisin the appropreeate leid code fer that lei (see ablo).
  • Aw pages in the heelp namespace shid be tagged wi the {{Languages }} template, this autæmateeclie cræfts links til aw available owersets.

Convert til Owerset

The pages wi exeestin Owersets ar uissuallie wairth bein makit intil owersetable pages. Prepare the (Ingils) ruit page fer owersetin (see the Owerset extension section) n, aes suin aes it's maurkt fer owersetin, manuallie import the auld owersets fae the histerie o subpages til the owersetin units (bi clapin oan "owerset this page"). The new feature Special:PagePreparation + Special:PageMigration facilitates this (currently available only for translation administrators).

Ae leet o pages owerset wi the auld system, tae be migrated til the new, is in the wairks at Project:Language policy/Migration list.

Mair detailed instructions:

  • Fer ae ful introduction, read the baseec heelp, owersetin tuterial, page owersetin tuterial n owersetin referance manual.
  • Login or register oan mediawiki.org: aw yer wairk will happen oan this wiki. Pick ae page tea migrate til Owerset fae the migration leet (oan the leet's tauk page, ye can speir onie speirin). Polish the Ingils tex aes fit/possible tae avoid migrating fair obsolyte/law qualitie tex, skip pages whau onsair. Prepare the page fer owersetin (i.e. add ‎<translate> tags etc.) follaein the page owersetin tuterial linked abuin; than eedit the migration leet, writin nex til the page's title that ye'v dun sae.
  • Aen owerset admeenistrater (ye?) will nou appruiv ("maurk") the page fer oersetin at thair discretion. Whan it's appruived, compleate the joab: copie the auld owersets til correspondin units wi Special:Translate (aes aen owerseter wid dae in the owersetin tuterial linkt abuin). Ye dinna need tae ken the lied that ye'r migratin, yinlie tae identeefie whit paragraph corresponds til whit, even thooch it's na ae loyal owersetin (machine owersetin can heelp grasp the meanin gif the layoot o the page disna provide enooch hints).

The main page

The Ingils version o oor front page is located at MediaWiki. Owerset versions can be foond at MediaWiki/code, whaur code is the leid code (e.g. MediaWiki/fr). Please see Template:Main page fer mair details abneat cræftin or eeditin this content.

Importantlie, the rules abneat leid codes (see below) shid be follaeed here ava.

Ither namespaces

Apart fae the Main Page, nae policie haes yet been decided aneat ither namespaces. Fer the time bein, gif ye'd like tae cræft oersets fer pages in ither namespaces than please dae sae aes described fer the Help: namespace, houever content micht be muived or delytit dependin oan the policie that's eventuallie adaptit.

Fer some tauks, see Leids n Owerset extension at the Nou issues.

Mynd that the rule that Ingils content shidna be placed in sub-pages disna applie til ither namespaces. This is yin o the issues that needs resolvin.

Leid codes

Throochoot MediaWiki.org ye shid uise the leid codes speceefied bi the MediaWiki saffware whan cræftin leid-speceefeec content (see Names.php fer the ful n up-til-date leet).

Please mind the follaein ava:

  • Gif the leid code isna foond in Names.php than we shidna host heelp pages in that leid.
  • Gif ye want tae add ae leid that's na present, first get it added til the saffware (bi speirin at Bugzilla) n yinlie add pages here yince the chynges hae been acceptit.
  • Gif MediaWiki uises the 'oncorrect' code fer ae leid than ye shid (fer conseestancie) uise that oncorrect code here ava. Gif ye think that ae code is oncorrect than ye shid tauk aneat it oan Phabricator, n if this ootcomes in it bein chynged than we will muiv the pages tae match.
  • Mynd that some leid codes in Names.php ar nou oot o date (e.g. zh-yue haes been replaced wi yue). In thir cases yinlie the maist recynt code shid be uised.
  • Generally, translating language variants (e.g. zh-hans) is discouraged and should be added into the main page (e.g. zh) where possible.

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