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User:Jack Phoenix/GSoC 2014

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Community bonding period[edit]

I was already an active community member, so I focused on wrapping my head around the skin and its overall structure. Nevertheless I hung out on the #mediawiki IRC channel helping out users and commented on the wikitech-l discussion about skinning conventions and the best/recommended way(s) to name and structure a custom skin.

My weekly progress logs, which are further divided into daily logs, are viewable on this page.

My original schedule still stands and I like to think that I've met the set goals well.

I've been keeping in touch with my mentors via IRC, and various other MediaWiki developers have also expressed their interest and support for my project on IRC.

Progress reports[edit]

The subpages of this page contain my daily progress reports about my Summer of Code 2014 project.

Wrap-up report[edit]

In Adam Miller's words, "Progress was made. True story."

The product (as of the GSoC deadline date, 22 August 2014) matches the specs and a live demo can be seen (and tested) at Labs.

While I was mostly able to stick to the original schedule, there were a couple unexpected delays, but with the help of my mentors, I was able to overcome those and make steady progress. Kudos to Emufarmers and Isarra for all their invaluable help and assistance — I couldn't have made this without you!

Although the skin is usable and functional, it hasn't been tested with exotic extensions such as the Semantic family, so there are prone to be edge cases, odd or unexpected behavior and outright bugs in certain configurations — it's software written by humans, for humans, and to err is human. That, combined with the fact that I and my mentors have further plans for the skin (as time permits each and every of us; we can't be developing (for) MediaWiki 24/7, as interesting as that'd be!), is why I'm hesitant to call it "ready" or "finished".