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User:Jack Phoenix/GSoC 2014/Week 30

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July 21
  • Initial support for displaying subpages (and the like) in the UI. (gerrit:148111)
  • LESS implementations of various PHP-side hacks. (gerrit:148119)
July 22
July 23
  • AJAX page watching support + small cleanup for overall readability and whatnot. (gerrit:148635)
July 24
  • Spent an entire day testing out a few things that didn't fly in the end.
July 25
  • Design fixes and tweaks, especially for headers and some minor color changes. (gerrit:149196)
July 26
  • Saturday Night Fever!
July 27
  • Support for a custom logo ([[File:BlueSky-logo.png]]) . (gerrit:149781)
  • Fix black-on-black text in the header when no custom logo exists. (gerrit:149782)