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User:Jack Phoenix/GSoC 2014/Week 22

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May 26
  • It somehow works without too many fatals. Kinda. (gerrit:135497)
    • Added setup file.
    • Added i18n file; i18n definitely not yet ready!
    • Added functions for loading skin CSS & JS via ResourceLoader (JS not ready yet)
    • Renamed a bunch of i18n messages used by the skin so that they have the bluesky- prefix
    • Removed all instances of wfGetPad(), it's a CDN-related function specific to wikiHow
    • Fixed a bunch of E_STRICT junk
    • Ported over some necessary functions from other wikiHow extensions
    • getCategoryLinks() has a nasty debug line ($usebrowser = false;) and it needs some lovin'
    • Ported wikiHow's core hack to includes/User.php — the hasCookies function — over as function userHasCookies() and made use of it
    • s/->text()/->plain()/g for some Message objects to reduce reviewer anxiety
    • Toned down the excessive amount of hacks specific to the English version of wikiHow ($wgLanguageCode == 'en')
    • Removed more wikiHow-specific advertising code
    • Fixed the head element generation
    • Added support for the SkinAfterContent hook
    • Replaced 'sub_footer_new'/'sub_footer_new_anon' i18n messages with a more MediaWiki-esque, hard-coded footer
May 27
May 28
May 29
  • Code quality & internationalization (i18n) work (gerrit:136019)
    • More and better i18n.
    • Removed more instances of $wgTitle
    • Documented plenty of functions
    • Miscellaneous tweaks like s/->text()/->plain()/g to reduce reviewer anxiety.
    • Coding style nitpicking.
May 30
  • Friday.
May 31
  • JavaScript work
    • Imported wikihowbits.js as bluesky.js from the most recent wikiHow codebase release (2014-05-29) (gerrit:136602)
    • Removed legacy functions (gerrit:136603)
    • Applied coding conventions (gerrit:136604)
    • Removed ancient wH-only code not needed by the current version of the skin (gerrit:136606)
June 1