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User:Jack Phoenix/GSoC 2014/Week 23

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June 2
  • Removed more old and unused JS code and documented some used ones. (gerrit:136791)
    • addCommas() & parseIntWH() were/are used by /extensions/wikihow/rcpatrol/rcpatrol.js, but since that's the only caller, that's where the functions in question should reside, not here
    • emailLink() / setupEmailLinkForm() / the whole "send this article to a friend" stuff is very hairy and needs lots of love
    • wfTemplate() is used only by wikiHow's CommunityDashboard extension (and, technically speaking, their old HTML5Editor extension, which they no longer use, calls it, too), so removed it
    • Documented plusone_vote() and added an if() check there because not everyone uses Google Analytics
    • scroll_open() was totally unused, so it's gone
June 3
June 4
  • Removed extractParamFromUri() in favor of mw.util.getParamValue(). (gerrit:137176)
  • Enabled the main JavaScript module. (gerrit:137236)
  • MediaWiki core: Submitted a changeset (gerrit:137250) to add a new ResourceLoader module for external links CSS & images so that custom skins don't have to duplicate both the CSS and the images all the time, since in most cases custom skin authors either don't need or can't be bothered creating custom external link images.
June 5
  • A bunch of JS fixes: (gerrit:137558)
    • One new i18n message
    • Added jquery.ui.dialog as a dependency instead of hackily loading a custom build of jQuery (which doesn't even work outside wikiHow, since that particular reference and jQuery UI build exist only on wH)
    • Fixed various URLs in the JS file to use mw.util.getUrl() instead of assuming that everyone has a null script path (as wikiHow does)
    • Got rid of jQuery.live()
June 6
June 7
  • CSS fix for the "Powered by MediaWiki" line in the page footer. (gerrit:138125)
June 8
  • Rested.