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User:Jack Phoenix/GSoC 2014/Week 25

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June 16
  • Integrated the FeaturedContributor widget by Vu Ngyuen. (gerrit:139899)
June 17
  • Took out the "View as (images|text)" links from Category: pages. (gerrit:140145)
June 18
  • General cleanup & fixes (gerrit:140368)
    • Removed (kinda) some more $wgTitle instances
    • I18n fixes — the plain() format is more than appropriate for content action tabs and whatnot
    • Fixed one strange (and likely incorrect) way of generating an URL; I'm not sure why there's the _ URL parameter, but I'm guessing it's a cache-busting method specific to wikiHow's setup. I believe it's not going to cause any harm to non-wikiHow setups, which is why I didn't remove it.
  • Removed some unused variables which were used in the previous iteration of this skin. (gerrit:140373)
June 19
  • More general code cleanup all over the place (gerrit:140731)
    • Removed hard-coded bits 'n' pieces specific to wikiHow's social extensions
    • commonInterface.css is now loaded by the skin so that the orange bar of death is actually orange etc.
    • Gave div#bodycontents class="minor_section" so that it gets the necessary white background
June 20
  • Don't call $this->getSkin() (too) many times, just use the existing $sk variable. (gerrit:140878)
  • Use the available context instead of global state whereever possible. (gerrit:140879)
June 21
  • Wrangled with my Wikimedia Labs access after having the idea of putting up the development version on a "live" wiki so that people can see the project in action and interact with it. Did no commits on this day.
June 22
  • On the 7th day God rested, and so did I.