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User:Jack Phoenix/GSoC 2014/Week 26

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June 23
  • Use local context where possible. (gerrit:141466)
  • Further wrangling with my Labs access, or lack of thereof; consulted the Labs IRC channel, learned that the root cause of my problems might be that I don't have sufficient access to my instance (!)
June 24
  • Changed the default color scheme from green to blue, as per the skin's name. (gerrit:141834)
June 25
  • Worked on the Notifications stuff; nothing ready to be committed at this point.
June 26
  • See above.
June 27
  • Integrated the essential bits and pieces of wikiHow's Notifications extension. (gerrit:142518)
  • i18n fixes for the bluesky-site-footer message. (gerrit:142520)
June 28
June 29