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User:Jack Phoenix/GSoC 2014/Week 29

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July 14
July 15
  • Worked on moving some of wikiHow's skin-specific PHP core hacks to the skin, and had to learn how LESS works because this is one of those situations where using LESS makes a lot of sense. Nothing to commit yet.
July 16
  • Got my old social tools development instance (at http://social-tools.wmflabs.org/) back online, thanks to Andrew Bogott, who resolved bug #67545
    • Updated MediaWiki core from 1.22alpha to 1.24alpha, thanks legoktm!
    • Added BlueSky to the Labs wiki for testing.
    • Discovered several issues with it on 1.24alpha/master, of which the most critical (see below) I was able to fix right away. The skin's main JS file is broken, because $.browser is undefined (!) in whatever version of jQuery 1.24alpha "ships" with.
  • Use accessor function for accessing OutputPage::$mCategoryLinks as it's a protected property in MW 1.24/master. (gerrit:147002)
July 17
July 18
July 19
  • Worked on the various LESS hacks some more. Still not polished enough to be committed.
July 20