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User:Jack Phoenix/GSoC 2014/Week 32

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August 4
  • Pass in the login token so that logging in actually works. (gerrit:151572)
August 5
  • Fix for {{SITENAME}} being cut off in the header after scrolling down + minor color fix. (gerrit:151862)
  • Capitalize {{SITENAME}} in the fixed header for consistency. (gerrit:151865)
  • Absolute positioning doesn't make sense here, so removing it. (gerrit:151866)
  • Removed an unnecessary and potentially problematic property definition. (gerrit:151872)
August 6
  • Final tweaks to the LESS-based theme system.
August 7
  • It's finally here — the LESS-based theme implementation! (gerrit:152188)
August 8
  • Toning down some of the excess main page related special cases. (gerrit:152955)
August 9
August 10