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User:Jack Phoenix/GSoC 2014/Week 24

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June 9
  • z-index fun to make the search suggestions list display properly. (gerrit:138336)
June 10
  • Various miscellaneous fixes (gerrit:138615)
    • i18n fixes
    • Code cleanup
    • Fixed the help page link under the "Help us" menu in the header
June 11
  • Various fixes and filthy hacks to fix rendering of non-Main Page mainspace pages. (gerrit:138773)
June 12
June 13
  • General cleanup (gerrit:139314)
    • Removed some legacy code
    • Removed a few more instances of $wgTitle
    • Fixed the "Create article" button and allowed it to link to an external site
    • Added/Updated documentation
June 14
June 15