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User:Jack Phoenix/GSoC 2014/Week 21

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19 May

  • Initial import of wikiHow code (gerrit:134085)
    • Renamed WikiHowSkin.php to BlueSky.skin.php
    • Imported skins/owl into BlueSky's folder as the resources folder and reorganized the file locations a bit
    • A lot of stuff is missing and it won't run yet, obviously, but I'm hoping to get it functional enough as soon as possible.

20 May

  • Stylized & cleaned up the CSS files (gerrit:134760)
    • Added four missing images
    • Removed commented-out CSS
    • Prepared the CSS files for ResourceLoader

21 May

  • Work done on 21 May was committed on 22 May.

22 May

  • Ran stylize.php to clean up the main PHP file and to make it conform to our coding conventions (gerrit:134760)
  • Removed short PHP start tags for better cross-platform compatibility (gerrit:134762)
  • Manually cleaned up the main PHP file to make it conform to our coding conventions (gerrit:134768)
  • Removed hard-coded Google Analytics stuff (gerrit:134769)
  • Removed more (external) analytics JS code. (gerrit:134771)
  • Removed some useless variables & general cleanup and coding style nitpicking. (gerrit:134773)
  • Removed the outputPage() method as it mostly duplicated the parent method. (gerrit:134925)
  • Renamed the main classes to remove wikiHow references. (gerrit:134929)
    • Removed some custom wikiHow-specific things
    • Fixed up some awful code to properly use SpecialPage::getTitleFor() and the appropriate MediaWiki messages instead of assuming that everything is always in English
    • Fixed Special:Notifications URL when Echo is installed
    • Added missing $wgStylePath to a few places
    • Removed some unused global variables
    • Removed some commented-out code
  • Removed roughly about 100 instances of $wgTitle. (gerrit:134933)

23 May

  • Removed UserCompletedImages stuff. (gerrit:134957)
  • Coding style tweaks, de-wikiHow-ification, removed unused variables and some more $wgTitles. (gerrit:134965)
  • Moved JS related to social media sites from inline to a separate file called social.js (gerrit:134967), stylized the file & added some missing variables and checks to that file (gerrit:134968, gerrit:134970)
  • Removed wikiHow-specific ad-related code (gerrit:134973)

24 May

  • General code quality cleanup, added support for search suggestions (gerrit:135201)
  • Replaced all instances of deprecated constant NS_IMAGE with its non-deprecated equivalent, NS_FILE (gerrit:135202)
  • Removed some site-specific hacks (gerrit:135203)

25 May

  • Minor progress, but nothing to write home about, hence no commits today.