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Pywikibot és una col·lecció d'eines que automatitzen la feina en els wikis de MediaWiki. Originalment dissenyat per la Viquipèdia, ara és utilitzat en tots els projectes de la Fundació Wikimedia i molts altres wikis.

Pywikibot logo

Executant un bot

Decorative - picture of three toy robots

Escrivint un bot

Desenvolupant Pywikibot

Decorative - board filled with post-its

Get help

  • Use the #pywikibot IRC channel connect for quick questions


Release Pywikibot 9 has been deployed. It is marked with stable tag. With Pywikibot 9 a lot of deprecations has been dropped. Pywikibot does not support Python 3.6 any longer (T347026)
Release Python 3.12.2 i 3.11.8 final releases are available.
Release Python 3.11.7 final release is available.
Release Python 3.12.1 final release is available.
Release A new stable release 8.6 has been deployed. This is the last release supporting Python 3.6.
Maintenance updateA new stable release 8.5.1 has been deployed.
Release A new stable release 8.5 has been deployed.