Pywikibot developers and bot owners communicate mainly over the mailinglist and over IRC-Chat. You can also find users on most major wikis; for example, over the bot request pages.


The project is managed using Git on the Wikimedia repositories. You can view the code over Diffusion, patch review is done with Gerrit, and there is a Pywikibot repository list. The project is mirrored on GitHub, look here for an overview. On GitHub you can still clone Pywikibot using Subversion and do some more stuff.

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Bugs should be reported on Phabricator; you may use this report form. You can see a list of all open bugs, tasks, and feature requests. To get information about new bugs, subscribe to the bugs mailing list. Formerly bugs were tracked in another project for old compat branch and using Bugzilla and before that Sourceforge was used.

Mailing lists[edit]

Active lists[edit]


This moderate-traffic mailing list (averaging a handful of emails per week) is for human discussion on all Pywikibot topics, including support, follow-ups to announcements, follow-ups to Git commits, and developer discussions.

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This very-low-traffic mailing list (at most one email per month, usually less) was for important announcements, for example breaking changes. Users of the tool and developers using the library should subscribe to this list.

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This high-traffic read-only mailing list receives an automated email on each bug state change. It is now used for bugs reported on Phabricator; previously, it was used for the Bugzilla and Sourceforge bugtracker.



This high-traffic read-only mailing list receives an automated email on each commit done in Git. It replaces #pywikipedia-svn.

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Inactive lists[edit]


This high-traffic, read-only mailing list received an automated email after each pywikipedia SVN commit. Closed after the migration to git. Archives


If you prefer using a chat, you can join the #pywikibot connect IRC channel on Libera Chat.


Pywikibot is translated using . Translate it, Tutorial about how to add scripts to Translatewiki and Progress information.