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Categeries, ae saffware featur o MediaWiki, provide autæmateec indexes that's uissfu aes buirds o contents.

Ye can categerise pages n files bi eikin yin or mair Categery tags til the content tex. Thir tags cræft airtins at the bottom o the page that tak ye til the leet o aw pages in that categerie, this maks it easie tae brouse sib airticles.


Each of the pages in the Category namespace represents a so-called category, a grouping of related pages, and contains an index for the pages of its category. For example, this page belongs to "Category:HelpCategory:Help". If you open the category page, you will see a link to this page there.

Whan ae page belangs til yin or mair categeries, thir categeries kith at the bottom o the page (or in the upper-richt corner, dependin oan the skin bein uised).

The categerie pages thairsels contain 2 pairts:

  • at their beginning, an optional part may contain text that can be edited, like any other page,
  • at their end, an ever present, automatically generated, alphabetical list of all pages in that category, in the form of links. In fact, in the Unicode sort order.

Tae assign ae categerie til ae page, simplie eik the airtin "[[Category:Categerie name]]" til the page's wikitex. The uissual steid tae eik it is at the bottom o the page.

Tae airt ae categerie page wiin ae page aes ae normal wiki airtin (wioot eikin the page til the categerie), prefix the link name with ae colon. Fer example: [[:Category:Not in this category]]

New categeries can be cræftit afore assignin onie page til it, in the same waa aes onie ither raigulair page.

Indiveedual wikis micht hae thair ain tap-level categeries, like Category:Contents in Wikipædia.

Fer ae compleate leet o aw categeries that hae at least the ae page, see Special:Categeries.

For a complete list of all created/edited categories, including the ones that don't have any pages, see Special:Allpages/Category: (note the colon at the end).

Eikin ae page til ae categerie

Tae eik ae page or uplaidit file til ae categerie, simplie eedit the page n eik the follaein tex (whaur Name is the name o the categerie that ye want tae eik it til).


Onie nummer o Category tags can be eikit til the page n the page will be leetit in aw o thaim. Category tags, alang wi interwiki leid airtins steidit in the sidebaur, ar uissuallie eikit at the ver bottom o the page fer the conveeeneeance o ither eediters.

Oan ae categerised page, categeries ar displeyed in the Categories: kist strictlie in the order that thay kith in the wikitex.

If $wgUseCategoryBrowserManual:$wgUseCategoryBrowser is set to true, under the first list each category is listed again, breadcrumb-style, with all its parent categories, sorted alphabetically. (At least in MediaWiki 1.18.2) if a category is a subcategory of more than one parent, both hierarchies will be listed, but the tagged category will be stripped off all but one of these. This creates the potential for what appear to be duplicate entries if a category with multiple parents and one of its parents are both tagged on a page. For example suppose Maryanne is a subcategory of both Mary and Anne. If a page tags categories Maryanne and Anne then the Category breadcrumbs will show

Mary -> Maryanne

"Anne" seems tae be dupleecatie, bit what is meant is

Anne -> Maryanne
Mary -> Maryanne

This is a bug, and has been reported in Task T35614.

Sort key

Bi defaut, ae page is sortit wiin ae categerie unner the first letter o its name — wioot the namespace. Foreby, MediaWiki groops accented characters separatelie fae thair onaccented version, sae that pages stairtin wi À, Á, Ä, wi be leetit unner separate heidins, in steid o unner heidin A. (Giff ye hae shell access, thir defauts can be chynged uisin $wgCategoryCollation.)

Ae sort key speceefies unner whit letter heidin, n whaur in the categerie leet, the page will kith. Ye can add ae sort key bi placin it inside the tag efter ae pipe chairacter. Fer example, the tag ablo will eik the page unner the heidin "S".


Whether or not sort keys are case-sensitive depends on your configuration settings. The order of the sections within a category follows the Unicode sort order. The sort key does not change the page title displayed in the category.

Spaces and other characters are perfectly valid.

See Help:Sortin fer mair information oan categerie sortin.

Cræftin ae categerie page

Categeries exeest even gif thair page haes na been cræftit, bit thir categeries ar isolatit fae ithers n dinna serve muckle purpose fer organisation or naveegation.

Ae categerie is cræftit bi cræftin ae page in the Category: namespace. Ae categerie page can be cræftit the same waa aes ither wiki pages (see Sairtin ae new page); jist eik "Category:" afore the page title.

Tae avoid extra wairk, ettle rakin wiin yer wiki afore cræftin ae new categerie. The leet o aw categeries can be foond in "Special pages" in the "tools" kist o the sidebaur.

Managin the categerie hierarchie

Categeries micht belang til ither categeries in ae hierarchie. Sin categerie pages ar ae lot like onie ither page, ae Category tag can be eikit til the bottom o ae categerie page.

It's ae guid idea tae organize aw categeries intil ae hierarchie wi the ae tap level categerie. The categerie structure can tak the form o ae tree wi separate brainches, bit mair aften thay'll hae ae graph structur. Generallie, thaur shid be ae conteenueess chain o pairant-bairn airtins atween ilka categerie n the tap level categerie.

Skaukt categeries

The categeries that ae page is in ar normallie leetit at the bottom o the page. In Mediawiki 1.13+, ae categerie can be skaukt fae this leet bi eikin the mageec waird "__HIDDENCAT__" til the categerie page. Skaukt categeries arna skaukt fae categerie pages (bug 15550).

Uisers can chuise to see skaukt categeries in ae separate "Hidden categories" leet, bi checkin "Show hidden categories" in the "Appearance" section o Special:Preferances.

Skaukt categeries ar autæmateeclie eikit til Category:Hidden categories. This categerie is speceefied in the system message MediaWiki:Hidden-category-category.

See foreby: skaukt categeries

Airtin til ae categerie

Tae cræft aen airtin til ae categerie, uise ae leadin colon afore the categerie name (wioot this colon, the nou page wid be eikit til the categerie):


Tae chynge the airtin tex, write the tex inside the airtin tag efter ae pipe:

[[:Category:Help|Help category]]Help categerie

Reguidal pages that reguid til categeries maun uise the colon ava, itherwise thay'll be eikit til the categerie in steid o reguidin.

Reguidin ae categerie

Like normal wiki pages, categerie pages can be reguidit til ither normal or categerie pages. Houever, this isna recommended, aes pages categerised in reguidit categeries dinna get categerised in the tairget categerie (bugzilla:3311). Some Wikimedia steids uise ae "categerie reguidal" template tae maurk reguidit categeries, permitin manual or autæmatit cleanup o pages categerised thaur.

Keepin track o categeries

Certain syntax issues, like ae broken eemage airtin, or ower monie expenseeve parser functions, can cause ae page tae be eikit til ae trackin categerie. See Help: Keepin track o categeries fer details.

See foreby