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Kategorii: un ek la traiti del software de MediaWiki, furnisas automatala indexi qui esas utila kom tabli di kontenaji.

Vu povas krear kategorii por pagini ed arkivi, adjuintanta un o plusa etiketi Kategorio a la texto. Ca etiketi kreas ligili an l'infra parto di la pagino, qui sendos vu a listo kontenanta omna pagini en ca kategorio, do permisanta renkontrar omna relatanta artikli.


Each of the pages in the Category namespace represents a so-called category, a grouping of related pages, and contains an index for the pages of its category. For example, this page belongs to "Category:Help ". If you open the category page, you will see a link to this page there.

Kande ula pagino apartenas a plu kam 1 kategorio, kategorii aparos an l'infra parto (od en la supra-dextra angulo, segun la mieno uzata en ol) di la pagino.

La pagini pri kategorii kontenas du parti:

  • at their beginning, an optional part may contain text that can be edited, like any other page,
  • at their end, an ever present, automatically generated, alphabetical list of all pages in that category, in the form of links. In fact, in the Unicode sort order.

To assign a category to a page, simply add the link "[[Category:Category name]]" to the page's wikitext. The usual place to add it is at the bottom of the page.

To link a category page within a page as a normal wiki link (without adding the page to the category), prefix the link name with a colon. For example: [[:Category:Not in this category]]

A new category can be created before assigning any page to it, in the same way as any other regular page.

Individual wikis may have their own top-level categories, such as Category:Contents on Wikipedia.

For a complete list of all categories which have at least one page, see Special:Categories.

For a complete list of all created/edited categories, including the ones that don't have any pages, see Special:Allpages/Category: (note the colon at the end).

Adding a page to a category

To add a page or uploaded file to a category, simply edit the page and add the following text (where Name is the name of the category you want to add it to).


Any number of Category tags may be added to the page and the page will be listed in all of them. Category tags, along with interwiki language links placed in the sidebar, are usually added at the very bottom of the page for the convenience of other editors.

Che pagino kategorizita, kategorii montresas en la buxo 'Kategorii:' strikte segun la sequo en qui li aparas en la texto.

If $wgUseCategoryBrowser is set to true, under the first list each category is listed again, breadcrumb-style, with all its parent categories, sorted alphabetically. (At least in MediaWiki 1.18.2) if a category is a subcategory of more than one parent, both hierarchies will be listed, but the tagged category will be stripped off all but one of these. This creates the potential for what appear to be duplicate entries if a category with multiple parents and one of its parents are both tagged on a page. For example suppose Maryanne is a subcategory of both Mary and Anne. If a page tags categories Maryanne and Anne then the Category breadcrumbs will show

Mary -> Maryanne

"Anne" appears to be duplicated, but what is meant is

Anne -> Maryanne
Mary -> Maryanne

To esas bug, e mencionesis en phab:T35614

Quale Wiki ordinas kategorii

Ordinare, ula pagino ordinesas en ula kategorio segun l'unesma litero de lua nomo — "sem namespace" MediaWiki anke separas grupi di literi kun diakritiki (exemple: À, Á, Ä...) e grupigas li aparte de la korespondanta litero sen diakritiko (A). (If you have shell access, these defaults can be changed using $wgCategoryCollation .)

A sort key specifies under which letter heading, and where in the category list, the page will appear. You can add a sort key by placing it inside the tag after a pipe character. For example, the tag below will add the page under heading "S".


Whether or not sort keys are case-sensitive depends on your configuration settings. The order of the sections within a category follows the Unicode sort order. The sort key does not change the page title displayed in the category.

Spaces and other characters are perfectly valid.

See Help:Sorting for further information on category sorting.

Creating a category page

Categories exist even if their page has not been created, but these categories are isolated from others and serve little purpose for organisation or navigation.

A category is created by creating a page in the Category: namespace. A category page can be created the same way as other wiki pages (see Help:Starting a new page ); just add "Category:" before the page title.

To avoid extra work, try searching within your wiki before creating a new category. The list of all categories can be found in "Specala pagini" in the "utensili" box of the sidebar.

Managing the category hierarchy

Categories may belong to other categories in a hierarchy. Since category pages are much like any other page, a Category tag may be added to the bottom of a category page.

It is a good idea to organise all categories into a hierarchy with a single top level category. The category structure can take the form of a tree with separate branches, but more often will have a graph structure. Generally, there should be a contiguous chain of parent-child links between each category and the top level category.

Category tree

Since MediaWiki 1.31, CategoryTree extension is packaged by default, allowing Special:CategoryTree and ‎<categorytree> to provide a tree-like structure display for the categories.

Hidden categories

The categories that a page is in are normally listed at the bottom of the page. In MediaWiki 1.13+, a category can be hidden from this list by adding the magic word "__HIDDENCAT__" to the category page.

Users can choose to see hidden categories in a separate "Celita kategorii" list, by checking "Montrar celita kategorii" in the "Aspekto" section of Special:Preferences.

Celita kategorii automatale adjuntesas a Category:Hidden categories. This category is specified in the system message MediaWiki:Hidden-category-category.

Ligilo a ula kategorio

To create a link to a category, use a leading colon before the category name (without this colon, the current page would be added to the category):


To change the link text, write the text inside the link tag after a pipe:

[[:Category:Help|Helpo kategorio]]Helpo kategorio

Redirect pages that redirect to categories must also use the colon, otherwise they will be added to the category instead of redirecting.

Kategorio e shabloni (interpozata pagini)

Se vu adjuntez [[Category:Cats]] interne ula shablono (interpozita pagino), ambe la shablono a la pagino qua havas ca shablono interpozita kategorizesos kom Cats.

  • If you want only the template to be categorised, you should ensure to write category marker inside <noinclude> tags.
  • If you want only the pages which uses the template to be categorised, but not the template itself, you should ensure to write category marker inside <includeonly> tags.

Due to caching issues, editing categories applied through templates may take a while to be visible everywhere. Vu povas facar nula redakturo en ula kategorio por nemediate aktualigar ilua kategorii.

Redirecting a category

Like normal wiki pages, category pages can be redirected to other normal or category pages. However, this is not recommended, as pages categorized in redirected categories do not get categorized in the target category (phab:T5311). Some Wikimedia sites use a "category redirect" template to mark redirected categories, allowing manual or automated cleanup of pages categorized there.


Kelka problemi pri sintaxo, exemple nefuncionanta ligilo ad imajo, o multa vort-analizanta funcioni, povas facar ke ula pagino adjuntesos a ula avizo-kategorio (exemple: nekorekta ligilo a ula imajo kreos la kategorio:[[Kategorio:Pagini kun ligili a neexistanta pagini]]) Videz Help:Tracking categories por detali.

Rinomizar ula kategorio

Se vu rinomizos ula kategorio, pro ke la ridirektilo ne funcionos por kategoriizar, omna kategorio-etiketi esos nekorekta, do vu mustos korektigor li manuale.

Videz anke