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Retention rate fer newcomers versus acteeve eediters oan the Inglis Wikipædia

The nummers

The abuin graph chairts the retention rate fer new eediters ower time, n the nummer o fawk that we hae acteevelie eeditin. Aes ye can see, it's na luikin guid. Wikipædia is in the middle o ae crisees regardin eediter nummers. We're drivin awaa ower monie newcomers, n we'r losin the lifebluid o onie collaborateeve waurk: the contreebuters.

What this means is that we simplie dinna hae the fawk tae dae the wairk that we need tae dae. Backlogs gae up n up, wi fewer people tae haundle the moontain o tasks at Special:NewPages, or the maintenance o biographies o livin fawk (BLPs).

Featured n Guid airticle promotions plateau aes aen ootcome o na haein enooch people tae na yinlie write the airticles, bit tae luikower n maintain thaim. Awbodie haes ae tale o aen aurie that thay wairk in whaur thaur's jist na enooch people tae get the job dun.

The raisons why

We'v gat ae proablem, n thaur's monie raisons why. Some people awaa cause thay dinna want tae contreebute producteevelie, n this is fine. Ithers awaa cause thay fynd the communitie ower hostile, or cause thay canna wairk oot whaur tae fynd heelp.

Bit ultimatelie, ae lot o people lea cause eeditin is jist ower complex. Back in 2001, whan Wikipædia wis foonded, ae lot o muckle steids expected uisers tae write in maurkup o vareeis forms, n we were yin o thaim. Writin maurkup wis ae commyn skill in people that wairkt oan the wab, whather that wis BBCode, wikimaurkup or even straicht HTML.

The proablem is that it's nou 2013, n we ar, gif na the yinlie muckle steid still uisin maurkup, than defineetelie the yinlie yin uising maurkup o this complexitie.

Muivin awaa fae the maurkup

In 2013, people dinna expect tae hae tae learn the maurkup tae write sommit oan ae wabsteid. Thay'r surprised whan thay come here n dae, n maist ar na enthused bi the expereeance. (We receeved some confirmation o that in ae uiser test we conducted prior til the launch o VE.)

Monie new uisers dinna stairt bi ettlin tae dea muckle chynges; thay stairt bi ettlin tae dae smaa chaynges, n yet hae tae lairn the maurkup oniehou, jist tae be able tae read the eeditin panel. Thay get inteemidatit, n than thay lea, aes oor uiser tests demonstrate.

This need fer ae better waa tae eedit is sommit that the communitie haes recognised again n again, as early as 2004. We'r biggin the VeesualEediter in response; cause people hae speired fer it, n mair importantlie cause people need it.

The Wikimaurkup is awreadie inteemidatin til newcomers, n the level o inteemidation will yinlie increase aes ither wabsteids muiv forewaird. We'r biggin it cause gif we dinna, than that graph is gaun tae luik ae lot worse in five year.

We'r na expectin awbodie tae uise it (the soorce eediter will still be aroond), n we'r na expectin awbodie tae be convinced. Bit we'r determined tae dae ae guid job n determined tae demonstrate the impact that this saffware can hae.