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This page is a translated version of the page Project:PD help and the translation is 20% complete.
ヘルプ ページは著作権なしで (パブリック ドメインとして) リリースされます
ヘルプ ページは著作権なしで (パブリック ドメインとして) リリースされます

Project:PD help は、MediaWiki 利用者、つまり MediaWiki を利用した Web サイトへの訪問者向けの簡潔な利用者ヘルプ ページの集合体を作成するプロジェクトです。 このプロジェクトは、ヘルプ名前空間のすべてのコンテンツを網羅しています。 このプロジェクトのメインのエントリ ポイントは Help:コンテンツ です。

このヘルプの説明文書は、マニュアル (GFDL または CC BY-SA ライセンスの MediaWiki 管理者マニュアル) とは別のものです。 貢献者の皆さん、違いについて明確に理解してください。 PD ヘルプ ページには、MediaWiki ソフトウェアのインストール、構成、保守の方法に関するサーバー管理者向けの情報は含まれていません。 私たちが達成しようとしていることの詳細な説明については、以下の「目標」節を参照してください。

セキュリティ コンテンツをメタ・ウィキのヘルプ ページからここにコピー & ペーストしないでください。 それらは GFDL または CC BY-SA ライセンスの下で書かれており、パブリック ドメインではありません


目標は、新しいウィキのインストレーションにコピーしたり、MediaWiki の配布物に含めたりできる、ページの集合体を提供することです。 これは、基礎的な利用者情報と、その他のメタ情報を適度に簡潔な形で含んでいます。 基本的な概念は、リファレンスではなく、圧縮された利用者ガイド」を作成することです。利用者が何を求めているかに焦点を当て、他の機能の説明はしないようにすべきです。


PD ヘルプへの貢献 (編集) は、CC0 waiver を介してパブリック・ドメインとして公開されます。 これは、利用者が自分のウィキのインストレーションに簡単にテキストをコピーできるようにするために必要です。 以下の内容をご理解の上、投稿をお願いします:

  • Every page in the PD Help, must contain the line {{PD Help Page}} to indicate the license.
  • No content can be copied from elsewhere into these pages. The only exceptions being:
  1. The content being copied is your own personal (e.g. the author), or you have documented permission from the original author(s).
  2. Content that is already in the Public Domain can be copied here; however, this does NOT include the majority of published web pages!
  • You are relinquishing all rights to the information you contribute here. Although you will continue to have your contributions listed and attributed on this site, others can copy the text without giving credit, and can modify it as they see fit.

Target readership: Normal users

The help pages are very much targeted at normal visitors to a wiki website.

Not server administrators

We are not aiming to duplicate the full MediaWiki documentation. Information targeted at server administrators, detailing installation, configuration, or maintenance of MediaWiki, belongs in the Manual.

The only small exception to this, is the 'Admin tips' boxes (described below).

Information for sysop / bureaucrat users less prominent

The Help pages would not be complete without also describing what 'sysop' users can do. However, these advanced features are not available to a majority of the target audience (most wiki users). As such, this information is to be kept slightly separate from the majority of the contents, so that normal users are not confronted with information which is not relevant to them.

Within the bulk of the Help pages, brief mentions of actions which require sysop privileges may be deemed necessary; but, detailed descriptions of sysop procedures should be tucked away on less prominently linked pages, or should be left out of the Help pages, altogether.

This section is under discussion

Editorial guidelines

  • Create links between the pages, but avoid linking to other namespaces on Keep the links internal to the public domain help pages, or make external links (full URL) to relevant resources, e.g. on This is to facilitate easier copying of the text into fresh wiki installations. Do not use interwiki links, as these may not exist in the target wiki.
  • We probably don't want to swap in the {{SITENAME}} syntax anywhere. MediaWiki is the name of the software we are describing. This is the Content Management Software (CMS), that enables the destination wiki to run, so anywhere where our text is referring to the software (everywhere throughout help), it should be left as a literal string "MediaWiki". If, for some reason, the help text is mentioning the name of the site, then this would be an appropriate exception (use {{SITENAME}}). However, we are not going to swap this in everywhere we mention the word MediaWiki.
  • Translations should be done after the English version of a page has reached a stable status. The naming convention is Pagetitle/language-code (e.g. Help:Editing/pt).
  • Unless you have the perfect solution for navigation in this manual, please refrain from creating navigation templates, and focus content creation first.
  • Do not use extensions such as Cite, since they are not installed on all MediaWiki installations.


  • Formatting should be consistent. Use class="wikitable" for any tables you create, highlight cells or rows with {{Hl1}} etc.
  • All wiki markup and code should be put in ‎<code> or ‎<pre> tags. Help for inserting: {{subst:nw|text}}.
  • All references to menu texts and descriptions should appear in italic.

Screenshot images

Screenshots are useful. PD help pages should contain only public-domain screenshots; avoid any logos from being included in screenshots, and upload them to Commons with {{MediaWiki screenshot}} (for GPL), and {{CC-zero}} (for the user's work) license templates.

Images are shipped with the documentation or accessed from Commons with インスタントコモンズ .

Admin tips

If something in Help can be configured by a server administrator, you may insert an 'admin tip' with {{Admin tip}}.


All pages in the "Help:" namespace are, by definition, part of this public domain Help documentation project and should be categorized カテゴリ:ヘルプ . Help pages for MediaWiki extensions, should be categorized in its subcategory カテゴリ:Extension help .

The former category for pages in the "Help:" namespace, this public domain Help documentation project, was Category:PD help. In keeping with simplicity, the category is now simply カテゴリ:ヘルプ and all pages have been updated.


  • Project:言語の方針  — If you are interested in working on non-English versions of the help pages.
  • Project:PD help/export  — Discusses a proposed method of creating usable dumps of the Help: namespace. This is still at the discussion stage and is not yet functional.
  • Project:PD help/mirroring  — Discusses an alternative method of getting content from, which can be used in the interim.