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To prevent conflicts in new namespaces added by extensions, please list your extension's custom namespaces here. If you define a constant for a custom namespace, list it here too.

Note that these are only default namespaces. All extensions defining new namespaces should provide the installer with a method of configuring the extension to use a different range of namespaces for its custom namespaces.

Naturally some namespaces listed on this page will overlap, and violate the recommendations listed here. The recommendations are good practices new extensions should try to adhere to to avoid conflicts; for legacy reasons, old extensions that have already created conflicts and bad practice can't simply be changed but are listed here to help avoid even more conflicts.

Note Note: Namespaces using numbers from 3000 and higher are meant to be used by system administrators to define their custom namespaces. Thus extension developers should not use this range.

Negative IDs[edit source]

Warning Warning:Do not use negative IDs for extensions. Ever.

MediaWiki Core
ID Name Constant Remark
Note Note:2 namespaces have negative indexes and have special purposes. You cannot create or delete pages in these namespaces, and there are no corresponding discussion namespaces.
-2 Media: NS_MEDIA Alias for direct links to media files
-1 Special: NS_SPECIAL Holds special pages

ID 0-99[edit source]

MediaWiki Core[edit source]

MediaWiki Core
ID Name Constant Remark
1 Talk: NS_TALK
2 User: NS_USER
3 User_talk: NS_USER_TALK
4 Project: NS_PROJECT
5 Project_talk: NS_PROJECT_TALK
6 File: NS_FILE
7 File_talk: NS_FILE_TALK
9 MediaWiki_talk: NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK
10 Template: NS_TEMPLATE
11 Template_talk: NS_TEMPLATE_TALK
12 Help: NS_HELP
13 Help_talk: NS_HELP_TALK
14 Category: NS_CATEGORY
15 Category_talk: NS_CATEGORY_TALK
Note Note:If core is to define any new default namespace it will likely continue on from here with 16-17, please take care to avoid this area.

LiquidThreads[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
90 Thread: NS_LQT_THREAD
91 Thread_talk: NS_LQT_THREAD_TALK
92 Summary: NS_LQT_SUMMARY
93 Summary_talk: NS_LQT_SUMMARY_TALK

ID 100-199[edit source]

Warning Warning:The namespaces in 100-199 are reserved for site-specific namespaces, and should not be used by extensions. Many extensions are already using this range, though, so be careful. If you're writing a new extension you should never hardcode any namespaces inside the 100-199 range.

Semantic MediaWiki[edit source]

Semantic MediaWiki
ID Name Constant Remark
102 Property: SMW_NS_PROPERTY
103 Property_talk: SMW_NS_PROPERTY_TALK
104 Type: SMW_NS_TYPE No longer used, as of version 1.6.0 (still supported).
105 Type_talk: SMW_NS_TYPE_TALK No longer used, as of version 1.6.0 (still supported).
108 Concept: SMW_NS_CONCEPT
109 Concept_talk: SMW_NS_CONCEPT_TALK

Page Forms[edit source]

Page Forms
ID Name Constant Remark
106 Form: PF_NS_FORM
107 Form_talk: PF_NS_FORM_TALK

DPLforum[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
110 Forum: NS_FORUM
111 Forum_talk: NS_FORUM_TALK

RefHelper[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
120 Cite: NS_CITE
121 Cite_talk: NS_CITE_TALK

Semantic Access Control[edit source]

Semantic Access Control
ID Name Constant Remark

Semantic Drilldown[edit source]

Semantic Drilldown
ID Name Constant Remark
170 Filter: SD_NS_FILTER No longer used, as of version 2.0 (still supported).
171 Filter_talk: SD_NS_FILTER_TALK No longer used, as of version 2.0 (still supported).

ID 200-299[edit source]

SocialProfile[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
200 UserWiki: NS_USER_WIKI
201 UserWiki_talk: NS_USER_WIKI_TALK Since r93317.
202 User_profile: NS_USER_PROFILE
203 User_profile_talk: NS_USER_PROFILE_TALK Since r93317.

Proofread Page[edit source]

Proofread Page
ID Name Constant Remark
250 Page: $wgProofreadPageNamespaceIds['page']
251 Page_talk: ID is $wgProofreadPageNamespaceIds['page'] + 1
252 Index: $wgProofreadPageNamespaceIds['index']
253 Index_talk: ID is $wgProofreadPageNamespaceIds['index'] + 1

TrustedMath[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark

Widgets[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
274 Widget: NS_WIDGET
275 Widget_talk: NS_WIDGET_TALK

EmbedScript[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
281 JSApplet_talk: NS_JSAPPLET_TALK

Unknown[edit source]

Namespace IDs 204-205 are seen in the wild, added by an unknown extension.

ID 300-399[edit source]

PollNY[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
300 Poll: NS_POLL
301 Poll_talk: NS_POLL_TALK

Semantic Image Annotator[edit source]

Semantic Image Annotator
ID Name Constant Remark
380 ImageAnnotation: NS_IMAGEANNOTATION

Wikia[edit source]

300 - 399. Wikia has been seen using namespaces in this range for its custom extensions and configurations. To avoid conflicts in case Wikia extensions are ported to work outside of Wikia it would be best to avoid defining new extensions that use this range. Wikia alters the namespaces for some extensions used on its own wikis. Please also take these into account while coming up with new namespace numbers to use in new extensions.

ID 400-499[edit source]

Wiki2LaTeX[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
401 Wiki2LaTeX_talk: NS_WIKI2LATEX_TALK

Workflow[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
410 Workflow: NS_WORKFLOW Schemas for process modeling
411 Workflow_talk: NS_WORKFLOW_TALK

Maps[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
420 Layer: Maps_NS_LAYER These can be overridden.
421 Layer_talk: Maps_NS_LAYER_TALK These can be overridden.

QuizTabulate[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
430 Quiz: QuizTabulate_NS_QUIZ
431 Quiz_talk: QuizTabulate_NS_QUIZ_TALK

Education Program[edit source]

Education Program
ID Name Constant Remark
446 Education_Program: EP_NS
447 Education_Program_talk: EP_NS_TALK

BoilerRoom[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
450 Boilerplate: NS_BOILERPLATE
451 Boilerplate_talk: NS_BOILERPLATE_TALK

UploadWizard[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
460 Campaign: NS_CAMPAIGN JSON describing metadata for an Upload Campaign
461 Campaign_talk: NS_CAMPAIGN_TALK

EventLogging[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
470 Schema: NS_SCHEMA JSON schemas describing data models
471 Schema_talk: NS_SCHEMA_TALK

ZeroBanner[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
480 Zero: NS_ZERO JSON configuration (outdated) describing Zero site behavior for this carrier
481 Zero_talk: NS_ZERO_TALK

JsonConfig[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
482 Config: NS_CONFIG JSON Configuration blob used by multiple systems
483 Config_talk: NS_CONFIG_TALK
486 Data: NS_DATA Additional JSON data. As of 2015-02 you can store arbitrary valid JSON in the subnamespace Data:Json, e.g. Data:Json:MyDataset. This is a developing convention on Wikimedia projects that use JsonConfig and Graph.
487 Data_talk: NS_DATA_TALK

Graph[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
484 Graph: Graph data. This is a convention on Wikimedia projects that use the extension, the extension doesn't define a particular namespace.
485 Graph_talk:

NotebookViewer[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
486 Notebook: Jupyter Notebook data
487 Notebook_talk:

OpenStackManager[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
488 Nova_Resource: NS_NOVA_RESOURCE
489 Nova_Resource_talk: NS_NOVA_RESOURCE_TALK

GWToolset[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
491 GWToolset_talk: NS_GWTOOLSET_TALK

ID 500-599[edit source]

Some sites try to make use of the 500-599 range for site namespaces.[citation needed] To avoid conflicting with those sites it would be a good idea to avoid this range while creating new extensions.

BlogPage[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
500 Blog: NS_BLOG
501 Blog_talk: NS_BLOG_TALK

XMLContent[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
581 XML_talk: NS_XML_TALK
582 Schema: NS_SCHEMA
583 Schema_talk: NS_SCHEMA_TALK
586 Editor: NS_EDITOR
587 Editor_talk: NS_EDITOR_TALK

ID 600-699[edit source]

FanBoxes[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
600 UserBox: NS_FANTAG
601 UserBox_talk: NS_FANTAG_TALK

ID 700-799[edit source]

LinkFilter[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
700 Link: NS_LINK Note Note: Also used by: Collaboration extension
701 Link_talk: NS_LINK_TALK Note Note: Also used by: Collaboration extension

TimedMediaHandler[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
710 TimedText: NS_TIMEDTEXT
711 TimedText_talk: NS_TIMEDTEXT_TALK
Note Note:TimedMediaHandler reserves namespaces for timed text tracks.

GitAccess (WIP)[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
730 GitAccess_root: NS_GITACCESS_ROOT
731 GitAccess_root_talk: NS_GITACCESS_ROOT_TALK

ID 800-899[edit source]

QPoll[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
800 Interpretation: NS_QP_INTERPRETATION
801 Interpretation_talk: NS_QP_INTERPRETATION_TALK
Note Note:QPoll reserves namespaces for interpretation scripts.

SemanticMustacheFormat[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
806 Mustache: SRFM_NS_MUSTACHE
807 Mustache_talk: SRFM_NS_MUSTACHE_TALK

R[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
814 R: NS_EXTR Used for help pages and (interactive) examples.
815 R_talk: NS_EXTR_TALK

Scribunto[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
828 Module: NS_MODULE
829 Module_talk: NS_MODULE_TALK

SecurePoll[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
830 SecurePoll: NS_SECUREPOLL Set $wgSecurePollUseNamespace true to enable.
831 SecurePoll_talk: NS_SECUREPOLL_TALK Set $wgSecurePollUseNamespace true to enable.

CommentStreams[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
844 CommentStreams: NS_COMMENTSTREAMS may be overridden by $wgCommentStreamsNamespaceIndex
845 CommentStreams_talk: NS_COMMENTSTREAMS_TALK Presently unused.

CentralNotice[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
866 CNBanner: NS_CN_BANNER Staging area for pending banner translations.
867 CNBanner_talk: NS_CN_BANNER_TALK Presently unused.

ID 1000+[edit source]

The 1000+ range starts to get fairly high and is a range some sites may attempt to use to avoid conflicts with extensions. So be wary of defining new namespaces within this range, especially near 1000.

Hidden pages[edit source]

HiddenPages requires custom namespaces to be added manually. Thus, a specific sequence cannot be registered. Nonetheless, the extension recommends using namespace numbers 1000 and up.

Translate[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
1198 Translations: NS_TRANSLATIONS
1199 Translations_talk: NS_TRANSLATIONS_TALK
Note Note:Translate extension uses these namespaces by default, but they can be overridden. FYI translatewiki.net uses namespaces from 1200 onward to hold product translations.

PackageForce[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
1300 PackageForce: NS_PACKAGEFORCE
1301 PackageForce_talk: NS_PACKAGEFORCE_TALK

BlueSpice[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
1502 Blog: NS_BLOG Note Note: Constant name also used by: BlogPage
1503 Blog_talk: NS_BLOG_TALK Note Note: Constant name also used by: BlogPage
1504 Book: NS_BOOK
1505 Book_talk: NS_BOOK_TALK
Note Note:The BlueSpiceExtensions bundle contains only two extensions with a namespace at the moment. This may change in the near future. Therefore the Hallo Welt! team would appreciate it if the range of 1500-1599 could be reserved for this package.

ID 2000+[edit source]

Gadgets[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
2300 Gadget: NS_GADGET
2301 Gadget_talk: NS_GADGET_TALK
2302 Gadget_definition: NS_GADGET_DEFINITION
2303 Gadget_definition_talk: NS_GADGET_DEFINITION_TALK

Flow[edit source]

ID Name Constant Remark
2600 Topic: NS_TOPIC allows users to watch individual Flow topic discussions

ID 3000+[edit source]

So far, no known extensions have defined default namespaces in the 3000+ range. For now, it would be best to avoid using this range for extensions, so that sites can use this range to define their custom namespaces without fear of conflict.

In accordance with this, the BlueSpice Namespace Manager uses the range above 3000 to create custom namespaces.

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