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As a result of Talk pages consultation 2019 , the Arabic, Dutch, French and Hungarian Wikipedias are trying out new tools to make it easier for editors to communicate on Wikipedia.

The first tool is now available as a Beta Feature. It is a tool for automatically signing and indenting comments on Wikipedia pages where discussions happen.

You can learn more about how this new Reply tool works, and how to try it, below.

Reply tool[edit]

Screenshot showing version 1.0 of the new Reply tool.

The new Reply tool automatically signs and indents talk page comments.

The tool works likes some existing user scripts.[1][2] First, it detects user signatures and timestamps on the page, and then it adds a "Reply" link next to them. When you click the "Reply" link, you see a box to type your reply into.

Testing instructions[edit]

To try the new Replying tool, you will need to turn it on in Beta Features by following these steps:

  2. Check the box next to the feature called Discussion tools.
  3. Visit a page like your user talk page.
  4. Click the "Reply" link that appears after each comment.
  5. Type a comment.
  6. Click the blue "Reply" button.
  7. Yes Done That's it!


To share feedback about the new Reply tool or read what other people have had to say about it, please visit this page: [INSERT LINK TO WIKI'S FEEDBACK PAGE]

More information[edit]

You can learn about the goals of the Reply tool and what improvements are planned for it by visiting this page: Talk pages project/replying