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The Editing Team is building a new talk page feature in 2020. These features are a part of Talk pages project . The goal is to help editors, across experience levels, communicate more efficiently on wiki.

This project is the result of the Talk pages consultation 2019 , a five-month-long consultation in which volunteers from at least 20 wikis and staff from the Foundation defined a product direction for building better tools for on-wiki communication.

The features the Editing Team has built as part of this project are listed here and described in more detail below.

  • Reply Tool - a tool for replying to comments inline. The tool automatically signs and indents comments and offers a quick way for pinging other users.
  • New Discussion Tool - a tool for starting new sections inline. The tool will automatically add your signature, and like the Reply Tool, offer a quick way for pinging other people.

Reply Tool[edit]

A screenshot showing the Reply tool's visual mode.

The new Reply Tool automatically signs and indents wikitext talk page comments and offers a quick way for pinging other users.

The tool works like some existing user scripts.[1][2] First, it detects user signatures and timestamps on the page, and then it adds a [ reply ] link next to them. When you click the [ reply ] link, you see a box to type your reply into.


  • You can switch between visual and wikitext source editing modes.
  • In the wikitext source mode, a live preview shows what your message will look like once it is posted to the talk page.
  • In the visual mode, you can use keyboard shortcuts to make links, to ping other people, and to add character formatting.


After six months of working with volunteers from the Arabic, Dutch, French and Hungarian Wikipedias to design, test, and refine the Reply Tool, the Editing Team is beginning to make the tool more widely available.

More information and feedback[edit]

To learn more about the Reply Tool or share your feedback about it, visit Talk pages project/replying .

New Discussion Tool[edit]

The New Discussion Tool is not available yet.

To learn more about what is planned and to follow its development, visit Talk pages project/New discussion .