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Документација Медијавикија

This is a technical manual for the MediaWiki software. It contains information for developers and system administrators on installing, managing and developing for the MediaWiki software.

This manual is not for end users of MediaWiki. If you are looking for documentation to help you use MediaWiki, read the MediaWiki Handbook.

Главни одељци

За системске администраторе

ИнсталацијаManual:Installation guide
Guide to setting up a new MediaWiki installation.
ПреузимањеDownload | ИнсталацијаManual:Installing MediaWiki | Initial configurationManual:Configuring MediaWiki
Alphabetical list of settingsManual:Configuration settings (alphabetical) | Settings listed by functionManual:Configuration settings
System administrationManual:System administration
Guide to do administrative tasks on your wiki.
Backing upManual:Backing up a wiki | Maintenance scriptsManual:Maintenance scripts
Guide to upgrade your MediaWiki installation.

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За програмере

An overview of the key parts of MediaWiki's source code.
CodeManual:Code | Global object variablesManual:Global object variables | Doxygen-generated documentation
Database layoutManual:Database layout
Details about the database architecture used by MediaWiki.
MySQL/MariaDBManual:MySQL | PostgreSQLManual:PostgreSQL | SQLiteManual:SQLite
Developing extensionsManual:Developing extensions
An overview of the ways to create a new MediaWiki extension.
HooksManual:Hooks | Parser functionsManual:Parser functions | ОзнакаManual:Tag extensions | Посебна страницаManual:Special pages | SkinsManual:Skins
Приступ вебу
Details about query string parameters that can be passed to MediaWiki access scripts.
index.phpManual:Parameters to index.php | api.phpAPI:Main page

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Медијавики ЧППManual:FAQ
Често постављена питања о Медијавикију.

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