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Manual:Global object variables

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Hundreds of globals are initialized on startup by MediaWiki. The majority of these global variables are configuration settings. (See Manual:Configuration settings for documentation on these variables.) There is no comprehensive documentation for the remaining few hundred globals, however, some of the most important ones are listed below. They are typically initialized either in index.php or in Setup.php .

Global variables

  • $mediaWiki - MediaWiki object, the main base class for the MediaWiki software. Initializes the $wgTitle and $wgArticle objects, and executes the URL actions.
  • $wgContLang - Language object associated with the wiki being viewed. (removed in 1.36)
  • $wgLang - Language object selected by user preferences.
  • $wgOut - OutputPage object for HTTP response.
  • $wgParser - Parser object. Parser extensions register their hooks here. (deprecated in 1.32) (removed in 1.39)
  • $wgRequest - WebRequest object, to get request data.
  • $wgTitle - Title object created from the request URL. (deprecated in 1.19) Note Note: This variable should be avoided when possible, more sane title objects are usually available.
  • $wgUser - User object for the user associated with the current request.

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