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Documentation de MediaWiki

Isto es un manual technic pro le software de MediaWiki. Illo contine informationes pro le disveloppatores e le administratores de systema re le installation, gestion e disveloppamento del software MediaWiki.

Iste manual non es pro le usatores final de MediaWiki. Si tu cerca documentation de auxilio pro usar MediaWiki, lege le MediaWiki Handbook.

Sectiones principal[edit]

Pro administratores de systema[edit]

InstallationManual:Installation guide
Guida pro stabilir un nove installation de MediaWiki.
DownloadDownload | InstallationManual:Installing MediaWiki | Configuration initialManual:Configuring MediaWiki
Lista alphabetic de configurationesManual:Configuration settings (alphabetical) | Configurationes listate per functionManual:Configuration settings
System administrationManual:System administration
Guida al labores administrative sur tu wiki.
SalveguardarManual:Backing up a wiki | Maintenance scriptsManual:Maintenance scripts
Guida pro promover a grado superior tu installation de MediaWiki

Altero re Sysadmin hubSysadmin hub.

For disveloppatores[edit]

Un vision panoramic del partes crucial del codice fonte de MediaWiki.
CodeManual:Code | Global object variablesManual:Global object variables | Documentation generate per Doxygen
Database layoutManual:Database layout
Detalios re le architectura de base de datos usate per MediaWiki.
MySQL/MariaDBManual:MySQL | PostgreSQLManual:PostgreSQL | SQLiteManual:SQLite
Developing extensionsManual:Developing extensions
Un vision panoramic del manieras pro crear un nove extension de MediaWiki.
HooksManual:Hooks | Parser functionsManual:Parser functions | TagManual:Tag extensions | Pagina specialManual:Special pages | SkinsManual:Skins
Accesso al Web
Details about query string parameters that can be passed to MediaWiki access scripts.
index.phpManual:Parameters to index.php | api.phpAPI:Main page

Altero re Developer hubDeveloper hub.


Q&R frequente re MediaWikiManual:FAQ
Questiones frequentemente requirite re MediaWiki.

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Bibliotheca Virtual de MediaWiki[edit]

  • MediaWiki Virtual Library (MVL) has manuals, guides, and collections of selected articles in PDF form you create on-the-fly