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Principle of cross-wiki notifications: You are notified at the wiki you are on, about all notifications from other wikis. You can see the details and perform some actions.

Cross-wiki notifications are displayed as items in the notifications panels. (The sorting of items is still being decided at phab:T123018.)

These cross-wiki notifications are bundled into a single notification. This bundle is expandable by clicking on it. Cross-wiki notifications from an individual wiki are grouped together.




For example, if you are on Commons, you will receive a notification if someone thanks you on Vietnamese Wiktionary.

You may receive unread notifications from other wikis, sometimes pending since a long time.

It is possible to deactivate cross-wiki notifications on a given wiki (see below).


默认发布已于2016年5月12日 23:00 UTC完成。


Further settings are being considered at phab:T117670. A way to filter these notifications in user preferences is under discussion.


Opt-out Cross-wiki Notifications option on a given wiki is provided by deselecting the cross-wiki option on your preferences, on the Notifications tab.

Preferences are not global, so you have to deactivate Cross-wiki Notifications on all wikis you regularly visit.