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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Notifications/Cross-wiki and the translation is 53% complete.



Principle of cross-wiki notifications: You are notified at the wiki you are on, about all notifications from other wikis. You can see the details and perform some actions.

Cross-wiki notifications are displayed as items in the notifications panels. (The sorting of items is still being decided at phab:T123018.)

These cross-wiki notifications are bundled into a single notification. This bundle is expandable by clicking on it. Cross-wiki notifications from an individual wiki are grouped together.




For example, if you are on Commons, you will receive a notification if someone thanks you on Vietnamese Wiktionary.

You may receive unread notifications from other wikis, sometimes pending for a long time.

It is possible to deactivate cross-wiki notifications on a given wiki (see below).


默认发布已于2016年5月12日 23:00 UTC完成。


Further settings are being considered at phab:T117670. A way to filter these notifications in user preferences is under discussion.


Opt-out Cross-wiki Notifications option on a given wiki is provided by deselecting the cross-wiki option on your preferences, on the Notifications tab.

If you want to opt out from cross-wiki notifications on all Wikimedia wikis (or keep them only on selected ones), you can deselect the option in your global preferences, which can be overridden locally in the (local) preferences of a given wiki.