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Walcome, wunnerfu oewrseter. We hae muckle wairk tae dae: sae lat's luik at the basics verra quicklie sae that ye can stairt aes suin aes possible. Efter this trainin ye'l ken hou tae uise the owersetin tuil set. The effects wil be permenant, sae gif ye dinna want tae learn hou tae uise it, than please stap readin nou.

We hope that whauriver ye come fae, the owersetin admeenistraters awreadie hae sommit setup fer tae owerset. This tutorial uises the Fréttinga page, that is creautit in the tutorial fer owersetin admeenistraters. The subjects covered here dinnae depend oan that parteecular page, n applie tae awthin that ye can owerset wi this tuil.

Mibbi ye awreadie hae aen airtin fae somebodie, spierin ye tae owerset sommit. Gif ye dinnae, ye can check the owerseter guidalbuird, in yerr wiki fer sommit tae owerset. Gif ye juist want tae see hou it wirks in general, ye can still read along n watch the screenshots fer tae get aen impression o it.

Usualie ye cannae dae owersets wioot spierin fer permission. Some wikis houniver hae enabled owersetin fer aw uisers. Y'l quicklie see gif ye dinnae hae the richts fer tae owerset. Gif this is sae, than contact aen owersetin admeenistrater o yer wiki. Lat's stairt wi findin the owersetin view.

  • 1a. Gae tae the Fréttinga page.
  • 2a. Clap the "owerset this page" airtin (gif ye dinnae see it than ye dinnae hae permeession tae owerset).

Or ye can gie this ae shote:

  • 1b. Gae tae the owerseter guidalbuird.
  • 2b. Clap the name o onie message groop that haes onowerset messages.

Messages fer tae owerset ar groopit intae "message groop": Ilka owersetable page is ae message groop, bit thaur can bi ither kinns o message groops n aw.

  • 3. Chuise ae leid ither than the leid o the soorce text (normalie Ingils or en).

Owersetin eediter

This view n variations o it ar the basic interface that ye'l be wirkin in. The lang leet o messages that still need tae be owerset mey whiles get ye doun, bit fortunatelie we dinnae actualie need tae watch that leet aw that affen. Ye shid see at least some onowerset messages here. Lat's dae yer first owerset. Clap ae row fer tae apen the owersetin eediter. Ye'l see the soorce text that ye need tae owerset n ae text aurie whaur ye can write yer owerset. Gif ye clapit the first message leetit fer the page Fréttinga, it shid sey "Fréttinga" aes the content. Cause it's ae name, ye dinnae usualie need tae change it, sae ye can capie the waa it is intae the text aurie. Gif yer leid uises ae differt writin system, than ye can chuise tae transleeterate it. Than juist clap hain n ye'r duin! The long list of messages still to be translated may occasionally depress you, but fortunately we don't actually need to watch that list so often. You should see at least some untranslated messages here. Let's make your first translation. Click a row to open the translation editor. You will see the source text you need to translate and a text area where you can write your translation. If you clicked the first message listed for the page Fréttinga, it should say "Fréttinga" as the content. Since it is a name, you don't usually need to change it, so you can copy it as-is to the text area. If your language uses a different writing system, you can choose to transliterate it. Then just click save and you are done!

  • 4. Clap the message name oan the cair column.
  • 5. In the eediter dialog, write the owerset oo the soorce text in the steid reserved fer it.
  • 6. Clap or tap "Hain owerset".
  • 5. In the editor dialog, write the translation of the source text in the place reserved for it.
  • 6. Click or tap "Save translation".
Ae message wi advice n ae suggestion fae twa halper leids (scroll doun tae the end fer tae see thaim)

In somm wiki confeegerations, ye mey see ither things in the eediter beside the soorce text n aw. Thaur mey bi suggestions fae owersetin memries or machine owersetin systems. Thaur can be ae section fer advice that gie ye verra important information that ye need tae uiss tae dae ae correct owerset. Sae gif thaur's advice, read it carefulie. Gif thaur's nae advice n ye feel like you need it, spier somebodie in the wiki tae eik it; gif ye knaw enoo aneat the text that needs tae be owerset, eik it yersel. This advice halps ye tae owerset better n faster. Dinnae feel ashamed spierin fer clarifeecations – it's verra liklie that tens or hunners o ither owerseters ar wastin thair time thinkin aneat the same issues. There may be suggestions from translation memories or machine translation systems. There can be a section for tips that provide crucial information that you need to use to make a correct translation. So if there are tips, read them carefully. If there are no tips and you feel like you need them, ask someone in the wiki to add them; if you are knowledgeable enough about the text that needs translation, add them yourself. These tips help you to translate better and faster. Don't feel ashamed to ask for clarifications – it's highly likely that the other tens or hundreds translators are wasting their time thinking of the same issues.

Two screenshots, showing the wikitext and the translation tool, and how a translation variable works

At the bottom of the box for translated text, you might see buttons with a label that starts with a $ (dollar sign). E.g. $1, or $name. These are "translation variables" (tvars). They are most often used for either links, or other types of text that should not be translated. You should insert these tvars into your translation in the matching location, either by clicking the button or by copying/typing it manually. These tvars must not be translated into your language.

Anither thing aneat the owersetin halp: gif ye get a heize up fae seein the message owerset intae ither leids, than gae tae yer preferences –> Eeditin –> Owersetin opties n eik yin or mair halper leids fer yersel.

Yer walcom tae dae twa-three mair owersets tae gie the ither buttons ae shote. Clapin the suggestions or the "Paste soorce" button wil immeediatlie paste that text in the text aurie, owerwritin oniethin that's awreadie in that text aurie.

Translation view

Here we ar again, watching the leet wi onowerset messages. Gif ye refresh the page, the leet shid nou be shorter, or e'en tuim. The view has information lik descreeption o the groop, bit mair interestin at the tap ye can chuise leid, message groop n differt message filters.

Aw o the message groops wirk the samm waa, n ye dinna need tae fash aneat thaim ower muckle. The important thing is that ye aye need tae chuise ae message groop fer tae wirk oan, n things lik stateestics n completion percentages ar calculatit bi message groop level.

Luikower aw messages view

Fae the differt views oan the baur at the bottom, ye can switch tae the view suitable fer daein ither wee joabs, lik luikin ower or owersetin hale pages. Ye shid see somm or aw o the following buttons: "Leet", "Page" and "Luikower". Read mair aneat luikin ower owersets n ither qualitie assurance methods in the qualitie assurance page.

The page can haud the message groop status naur the message groop descreeption n aw, this can bi set fer ilka leid o the groop; gif ye see a dropdoun selecter o the possible states, it means that ye can change it, n ye shid update it whan ye'r wirkin oan the owerset or gif ye'r luikin it ower. See mair aneatt wirkflaw states in the message groop states page.

Important concepts

The owerset is no compleate, n aes usual the tap o the page gies us the airtin fer tae owerset: Clap the airtin "owerset version". In this case we'l finn that some Ingils strings awread hae owersets, that need updatin.

Ye awreadie ken whit ae message groop is, n ye'v seen the owersetin eediter n halper leids. Nou the owersetin admeenistrater mey hae conteenued thair page owersetin tutorial n changed the contents o the page Fréttinga. Whan the tex that maun be owerset changes, it'l shaw up again in the leet o onowerset messages n in the leet o ootdatit messages n aw.

Whan deelin wi ootdatit messages, ye hae twa opties. Ye can confirm that the owersetinn needs nae changes efter aw, or ye can dae the needit changes tae it. Messages mey seem tae be oot o date autaemateeclie whan ae new owerset is hained. Gif the autaemateec checks find issues in the owerset, like sey onbalanced airtin syntax missin the ither "]" chairacter, than ye'l get ae warnishment aneat thir n aw whan eeditin the owersetin.

The oot o date owersets ar maurkit in reid. Gif ye nou return tae the owerset page bi clapin the airtin oan the message groop descreeptie, ye shid see that yer owersets ar awreadie thaur. Maist o the owersets that ye'l dae ar applied richt awaa, except in some message groops, lik monie o thae in, whaur the owersets ar regulairlie n manualie exportit bi owerset admeenistraters tae the saffware that they'r uised in.

Anither uissfu tip whan owersetin owersetable pages: magic wirds lik {{FORMATNUM}} wil format the ootpit in the owerset leid, no in the leid o the soorce tex. Gif ye want, ye can read mair aneat hou magic wirds wirk n shid be uised in owersets. This is no required readin, mind.

Gettin yer owerset tae anither wiki

Gif ye'r wirkin wi saffware documentation, than ye'r proablie owersetin this material cause ye want tae uise it somewhaur else. Fer tae export yer owerset, gae tae the main owersetin page, n clap the "Export" tab. Chuise the leid that ye want, n capie the wikitex fae the kist. Ye can than paste that tex in tae onie wiki. This fast, simple process yinlie wirks fer owersets, no fer the oreeginal soorce leid.

Exportin the oreeginal leid (usualie Ingils oan MediaWiki) fer uise oan anither wiki, wioot aw o the owersetinn maurkup, is mair compleecated.

  1. First, apen the page in the wikitex eediter. This wil produce ae URL similar tae
  2. Second, manulie change this URL tae insert ae subpage fer the leid that ye want. Gif the original is wrutten in Ingils, than ye eik /en efter yer page name, sae that the URL seys Press return sae that it wil apen the modified URL that ye juist creautit.
  3. Than ye can capie the wikitex oot o the new wikitex eeditin windae, wioot the owersetin maurkup. This can be pasted ontae anither wiki.

Oniebodie can export tex. Ye dinna need tae be aen owerseter or owerseter admeen fer tae get ae capie o the owerset.