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Google Summer of Code/2015

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We have been a mentoring organization for GSoC 2015. For details about the Wikimedia submission, see phab:T921.

Google Summer of Code 2015 is one of the outreach programs we are planning to organize. The org admins coordinating this edition are Niharika Kohli and Quim Gil. To follow the project in detail, check the GSoC 2015 workboard in Phabricator.

See also the parallel program Outreachy/Round 10.


Please also review the official timeline and Outreach programs/Life of a successful project.

  • 2 March: List of accepted mentoring organizations published
  • 25 March, 1700 UTC: Wikimedia IRC meeting in #wikimedia-ect (last year's logs)
  • 27 March: Student application deadline
  • 13 April: Slot allocations published to mentoring organizations
  • 27 April: Accepted student proposals announced [1]
  • 25 May: Official start.
  • TBD: GSoC & Outreachy IRC meeting (last year's logs)
  • 26 June - 3 July: Mid term evaluations by students and mentors.
  • 21 August: Firm 'pencils down' date.
  • TBD: GSoC & Outreachy wrap-up meeting on IRC; #wikimedia-office @ 3pm UTC
  • 18-22 August: Final evaluations by students, mentors, and organization administrators.
  • 28 August: Final evaluation deadline
  • 7 & 8 November: Mentor Summit at Google