Creating a MediaWiki page

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Creating a MediaWiki page is somewhat similar to the page creation process for a normal article pages in a wiki. The primary differences is that MediaWiki namespace pages are part of the actual software that controls the MediaWiki installation and as a result, you will need the "Edit the user interface" right to edit them. Typically a MediaWiki namespace page will be titled something like "MediaWiki:Mainpage", or "MediaWiki:Sidebar".

In order to access (or edit/create) a MediaWiki namespace page, type in the full and exact name (including the MediaWiki:-namespace prefix) into the Search field of your wiki. Submit the search. If you're not getting any results create the page by clicking on "Create the page MediaWiki:Example on this wiki!"

The very first time an admin attempts to access a (properly named) MediaWiki:-page, the software will do one of two things:

  1. It will offer the user the option to creating the page being asked for (you see the editor and can start typing and then Save the page)
  2. Or, it shows the default value of this option. Click "Edit" or "Create" in the navigation bar, then alter to meet to your customization requirements.