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Architecture committee/2016-09-07

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The TechCom planning meeting is a weekly invite-only video discussion, generally held on Wednesday 13:00 USA Pacific Time.
See also TechCom-RFC workboard in Phabricator. (Private minutes)


This section will also serve as the collaboratively edited minutes of the meeting, and will as the official minutes of the meeting. Attendees: Fill in the important details in this section, but try to keep this concise and NPOV (easy way: use questions).  Put any prep information in this section if appropriate

Intro section[edit]

10 minutes (starting 21:00 UTC)

  • Action items
    • Last week
      • ACTION: Daniel: send email to wikitech-l asking for WMF help on MCR (done)
      • ACTION: RobLa will move Phab:T143974 to “managed outside” column, ping RelEng (not done, but appears moot)
      • ACTION: Daniel - move conv with Jaime onto a talk page somewhere (done)
      • ACTION Tim: check with Kunal about Shadow Namespaces
      • ACTION: Rob: Follow up on last week’s glitch (done, more or less)
  • Review last week’s RfC office hour2016W35: 2016-08-31 (Wednesday)
  • ArchCom Planning meeting: Phab:E265
  • ArchCom-RFC office hour: Phab:E266
    • Agenda: T589 RFC: image and oldimage tables
  • Update attendee list
    • In attendance: Brion, Daniel, Gabriel, Kevin, RobLa, Tim, Timo
    • Invited: Brion, Daniel, Gabriel, Kevin, Roan, RobLa, Tim, Timo
    • RSVP
      • yes:
      • no:
      • maybe/unknown:

RFC status update[edit]

20 minutes (starting 21:10 UTC)

Spend roughly 20 minutes ensuring Architecture committee/Status is up-to-date. Checklist of the questions we should answer:

  • Who is chairing the upcoming IRC meeting?
    • more ad hoc than normal
  • Conclude last week's "final comment period"? Do we have anything that should enter "final comment"?
  • For each upcoming meeting, do we anticipate the RFC moving into "final comment"?
  • Picking an RFC for next week:
    • Should we have a meeting next week? (Product and Tech onsite happening Sep 14-15: officewiki:Technology/Planning/Fall2016)
    • Phab board triage
      • ArchCom-RfCs board - "Inbox" column
        • ACTION: Moving T589 to “in discussion”
        • ACTION: Rob: populate inbox for meeting in two weeks
      • Architecture board - "Discuss at next ArchCom Planning meeting" column
    • ArchComStatus discussion / ArchCom-Has-Shepherd board
      • Brion Vibber.
        • Still finishing TMH
        • Plan to comment on MCR
        • In SF, first week of Oct
      • Daniel Kinzler
        • MCR - comments and feedback
        • Next couple of weeks: may start work on Sites interface (T113034)
      • Gabriel Wicke
      • Rob Lanphier.
        • 2016W36: WikiDev17 discussion, plus Z411 discussion
        • 2016W35: Working with Subbu on Wikitext spec (T142803)
        • 2016W34: Language variants (see User:RobLa-WMF/Variants and T143628)
        • Planning next quarter
          • Brion asks: please don’t forget tech-debt issues
          • ACTION: Brion and Rob to discuss
          • ACTION: Rob: Architecture team: Bring up MCR on behalf of Daniel
      • Roan Kattouw...
      • Tim Starling
      • Timo Tijhof
        • Working on items from last week’s notes
        • API driven front end
        • ACTION: Timo: figure out who should shepherd T133462
    • Are responsibilities balanced well between ArchCom members?
    • Which RFCs are listed as "needs triage"?
    • (T133462
    • Do we have an RFC selected for next week's meeting?
      • Skipping next week
      • ACTION: Rob: announce cancellation of next week
    • W37: IRC meeting cancelled, Planning still happening
    • W38 meeting: MCR

Other business/planning[edit]

20 minutes (starting 21:30 UTC)

  • Security discussion (described at Z411)
  • WikiDev17
  • Next week's ArchCom

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