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The Mailing lists page states:

For discussion of technical issues with Wikimedia servers, features and development of the MediaWiki software, etc. This is not a forum for user help (see mediawiki-l, above).

The wikitech-l mailing list is one of the first technology-focused Wikimedia mailing lists.


Discussion of record[edit]

In our consensus-oriented environment, it's important that people who have a stake in the outcome of a conversation understand what happened. Many governments have established a newspaper of record as a legally-acceptable means of making important announcements when that is required. Our work shouldn't rely on publishing announcements in our paper of record (whatever that is for us), but we should have a means of making important announcements in a way where stakeholders can be effectively informed, and intervene at the appropriate time.

This may mean engaging in the appropriate discussion forum of record for both the announcement of the meeting, as well as providing the minutes. For Wikimedia software, the wikitech-l mailing list seems to be the norm, but as of this writing (October 2016), it isn't official.



"wikitech-l" is not to be confused with "" (the Wikitech wiki). "Wikitech-l" has become a predominantly software-development focused list (largely about MediaWiki), whereas the Wikitech wiki is predominantly operations-focused information about the technology used on the Wikimedia cluster.

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