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MediaWiki ウィキのページは「名前空間」と呼ばれる、ページの目的を大まかに区別するための集まりに分類されます。特定の名前区間にあるページは特別な性質を持っていたり、他のページとの相互作用のしかたが異なっていたりします。


A page whose name is not prefixed by a namespace lies in the mainspace. Note, however, that colons and prefixes can also appear in page titles without indicating a namespace: the page Foo:Namespaces/ja is a page located in the mainspace because the namespace “Foo” does not exist. Similarly the page Help:Foo:Namespaces/ja is in the “Help” namespace.


The standard MediaWiki installation has sixteen namespaces that can contain user-generated content; there are also two special namespaces that contain pages created “on the fly” by the MediaWiki software. The standard namespaces are organized in pairs, with each pair containing a “subject namespace” and a “discussion namespace.” The namespaces are numbered from zero such that all subject namespaces have even indices and all talk namespaces have odd indices.


This namespace is used for direct linking to media files: the link [[File:Wiki.png]] links to just the image rather than the image description page, which would be [[:File:Wiki.png]].


この名前空間は、Help:Special pages|特別ページをグループ化するために使用されます。特別ページは、「要求に応じて」MediaWiki が生成するレポートやインターフェイスであり、直接は編集できません。MediaWiki ソフトウェアを変更・拡張しない限り、この名前空間にはページを作成できません。


コロンで区切られた接頭辞がないこの名前空間。一般に「標準名前空間」または「メイン空間」と呼ばれます。通常この名前空間はウィキのコンテンツ ページの大部分を含みます。この名前空間は全体としてみると特別な性質はありません。

トーク (会話)




This page, and subpages of it, can be used by users to record information about themselves or to test and draft new content. Pages of the form User:UserName/Foo.js or User:UserName/Foo.css can only be edited by the user themselves or by administratorsHelp:Sysops and permissions.

利用者・トーク (利用者‐会話)

This namespace is the talkspace associated with the “User” namespace. Pages in this namespace are mainly used to leave messages for particular users or inform them of discussions that may be of interest to them. To facilitate this, when a page User talk:UserName is edited, whenever the user UserName loads a page, a notice is displayed at the top of the page informing them of the edit:








The “File” namespace is used to store metadata for images, videos, sound files and other media accessed via the “Media” namespace. Each file has a corresponding page in the “File” namespace, which is often used to hold licensing data. Linking directly to a page in this namespace instead includes the media file inline in the page: [[File:Wiki.png|right]] produces the image to the right. See Help:画像Help:Images for more details of this link syntax.

To create an internal linkHelp:Links to the file page, you need to add a colon to the front of the namespace: [[:File:Wiki.png|right]] produces File:Wiki.png. The standard MediaWiki installation has alias “Image” for “File” namespace – See Namespace aliases.

For linking media files directly, bypassing the description page, see Media namespace.

ファイル・トーク (ファイル‐ノート)

これは通常、対応するメディア ファイルに関する議論に使用されるトーク名前空間です。特別な性質はありません。


The “MediaWiki” namespace is used to hold system messages and other important content. For instance, the page MediaWiki:Edit (or MediaWiki:Vector-view-edit in the default “Vector” skin) contains the text that fills the “編集” tab at the top of every page. If that page exists, it overrides the default content, which is “Edit.” Similarly, MediaWiki:Common.css is the system message that holds the CSS code that is loaded for all users for each page. It has the special property that the entire namespace is fully protected and can only be edited by administrators.

MediaWiki・トーク (MediaWiki‐ノート)

これは通常、対応するシステム メッセージに関する議論に使用されるトーク名前空間です。特別な性質はありません。


The “Template” namespace is used to hold templatesHelp:Templates, blocks of text or wikicode that are intended to be transcluded into several other pages. To facilitate this it has the special property that it is the default namespace for transclusions: the wikicode {{Foo}} is equivalent to {{Template:Foo}}.

テンプレート・トーク (Template‐ノート)

これは通常、対応するテンプレート ページに関する議論に使用されるトーク名前空間です。特別な性質はありません。



ヘルプ・トーク (Help‐ノート)

これは通常、対応するヘルプ ページに関する議論に使用されるトーク名前空間です。特別な性質はありません。


The “Category” namespace contains categoriesHelp:Categories, dynamic lists of other pages. To facilitate this, linking directly to a category page does not output an inline link, but instead includes the page into the associated category page. So the code [[Category:Help]] causes a category link to appear at the bottom of the page (at the bottom in the box marked “カテゴリ”). Clicking on that link takes you to the category page, where this page is visible in the category list.

To create an inline link to a category page, you need to add a colon to the front of the namespace: [[:Category:Help]] produces Category:Help. See Help:カテゴリHelp:Categories for more details on category link syntax.

カテゴリ・トーク (Category‐ノート)

これは通常、対応するカテゴリ ページに関する議論に使用されるトーク名前空間です。特別な性質はありません。


名前空間名および別名は、開発者が地域化できます。 名前空間名の地域化を要望するには、PhabricatorPhabricatorMediaWiki 国際化タスクを登録してください。 In the description of the task, you should provide translations of all the namespaces in the table to the right, as well as any additional namespaces on your wiki (such as "Module" or "Gadget").


標準名 ローカル名
Media メディア
Special 特別
Talk トーク
User 利用者
User talk 利用者・トーク
Project プロジェクト
Project talk プロジェクト・トーク
File ファイル
File talk ファイル・トーク
MediaWiki MediaWiki
MediaWiki talk MediaWiki・トーク
Template テンプレート
Template talk テンプレート・トーク
Help ヘルプ
Help talk ヘルプ・トーク
Category カテゴリ
Category talk カテゴリ・トーク

Namespace names can be translated into languages other than English and individual namespaces can be renamed, as set by a wiki's system admins (using Namespace manager). These names are known as the 'localized' namespace names. However, all namespaces have a 'canonical name', the original English name which will work on any installation of MediaWiki. So linking to User:Foo will always locate the user page for the user foo, whether the wiki is in French (where the localized name would be Utilisateur:Foo), Russian (Участник:Foo), or Hindi (सदस्य:Foo).

The canonical namespace names are given in the table to the right along with their localized names on this wiki.


On some wikis there are also namespace aliases: alternative names that will also be resolved to the localised names. For instance, a wiki might define "T" as an alias for Template, such that typing T:Foo is equivalent to Template:Foo, saving a few characters and seconds. An actual example would be on the English Wikipedia, where "WP" is an alias for Project, which is the namespace "Wikipedia".

By default, "Image" is an alias for File, so [[Image:Wiki.png]] is equivalent to [[File:Wiki.png]].


See Manual:Using custom namespaces for more information.

Some wikis may wish to organize their content in ways that do not fit into this standard set of namespaces. A wiki may define additional namespaces to facilitate this; these namespaces behave exactly like normal namespaces, and generally have indices greater than or equal to 100. These custom namespaces generally have no special properties.


There are a number of ways by which the namespace of a particular page can be identified:

マジック ワード

マジック ワード {{NAMESPACE}} は、ページが属する名前空間の値を返します。


The JavaScript variable wgCanonicalNamespace contains the full namespace name. The variable wgNamespaceNumber contains the numerical index of the namespace.


The <body> tag of the HTML page output is given two CSS classes that vary by namespace: A class ns-#, where # is the index of the namespace, and ns-XXX, where XXX is "subject" for all subject namespaces, "special" for pages in the Special namespace, and "talk" for talk namespaces. So CSS code such as the following can be used to change the appearance of an object based on its namespace:

.ns-subject a {   /* 主題ページの大部分のリンクを緑にする */
    color: #0f0;
.ns-talk a {      /* トークページ内のリンクを青にする */
    color: #00f;
.ns-3 a {         /* さらに利用者トークページのリンクを赤にする */
    color: #f00;

You can get a complete list of all namespace names of a MediaWiki installation from the Search results page Advanced tab, or from any recent changes page such as contributions or watchlist in its options box, in a drop-down list. For the system properties of each namespace, use the MediaWiki APIAPI:Main page: