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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Growth/Tools/Help panel and the translation is 49% complete.
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General help and resources

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The following procedure is only applicable to wikis where the Growth tools are available .
Pì-só ê sî-tsūn tsōo-tsān bīn-pán ê îng-bōo tsia̍t-tôo
Phah-khui ê sî-tsūn tsōo-tsān bīn-pán ê îng-bōo tsia̍t-tôo

Thank you for using the help panel and wanting to learn more!

This tool is part of the Growth team's "Focus on help desk" project.

During 2019, the help panel is a new feature that is only available on some Wikipedias, and only available for users that are part of the experiment to find out how useful it is. It works both on desktop browsers and mobile browsers, but is not yet available on the iOS or Android apps.

Tsōo-tsān bīn-pán ê bo̍k-tik

Tsit-ê kang-kū ê bo̍k-piau sī:

  1. Enable new users to find help pages and how-to guides.
  2. Allow new users to ask a question to experienced users if they haven't found what they need in existing help pages.

Beh án-tsuánn iōng

On any page you edit, you will see a blue button in the lower right of the screen labelled "取得編輯協助". Click on this button to open the help panel.

The help panel lists some useful help pages. Those help pages should solve many cases concerning editing. Click on one of those links to open that page in a new tab of your browser.

If you can't find the help you need you can have a look at all help contents that exist by clicking on "更多說明頁面".

You can also type a search for the answer you need in the bar at the top of the help panel, which will immediately show a list of help pages that could be relevant.

If you still can't find the help you need you can ask a question to an experienced user, using the "將您的問題發布至社群諮詢臺" section.

When you submit a question, you are actually editing the Help Desk page by adding your question to it. That page is curated by experienced editors, who volunteer to reply to newcomer questions.

Iú-kuan beh án-tsuánn huat-pòo hó būn-tê ê thê-sī:

  • Explain what you're trying to do.
  • Describe how you have tried to do it, step by step, and what is blocking you.
  • Say whether you are editing on a desktop or on a mobile device, and what kind of device it is.
  • If you know, mention whether you are editing with the visual editor (graphical editing mode) or with wikitext (text editing mode).
  • If your questions are about a source, include the link to the source.

Beh án-tsuánn tshuē-tio̍h lí-ê huê-hok

  • If you have added an email address to your account and verified your address, you will receive an email when someone replies to your question. To add or verify your email, visit your preferences.
  • You will also see your reply as a notification along the top of your browser:
Teh toh-bīn Teh tshiú-ki
"lí-ê thè-tshin" piau-tsì "lí-ê thè-tshin" piau-tsì

After receiving your reply, you can continue the conversation by editing the help desk page and adding your message below the reply you received.

Beh án-tsuánn tsham-ka

Jû-kó lí tng-tè sú-iōng tsit-ê kang-kū

You can tell us what you think about this tool on the feedback page. Please write in the language you prefer.

We welcome any suggestions about improvements, questions you may have about the projects or problems you have using the help panel.

Jû-kó lí siūnn-beh tsōo-tsān sin-lâng

Please synchronize with other people replying at the help desk on your wiki. You can also read some best practices about how to reply on the help desk.

Tsia̍p-mn̄g ê būn-tê (TMB)

Tsham-ua̍t: Kuan-î tsing-tióng kong-lîng ê tsuân-kiû TMB

Guá-ê būn-tê teh tó-uī?

Your question has been posted to the Help Desk page. One easy way to find it is by clicking "Contributions" in the upper right of your browser on desktop or in the left-hand menu on mobile.

Bô-lâng huê-tap guá-ê būn-tê. Guá ē-tàng tsò siánn-mih?

Ài ū nāi-sim! :) Būn-tê sī-uì ko-lîng lî-suànn ê tsì-guān-tsiá lâi tshú-lí.

You can check the message you've posted to be sure that you:

  • Explain what you're trying to do.
  • Describe how you have tried to do it, step by step, and what is blocking you.

Also, some questions can be about complicated things that experienced users have never faced. They may need time to provide you a reply.

Jû-hô kim-iōng tsōo-tsān bīn-pán?

Lí ē-tàng thong-kuè í-hā jīm-hô tsi̍t-ê hong-sik kim-iōng bīn-pán:

  • Clicking on 'Disable the help panel' button.
  • Going to your preferences in the Editing tab and click 'Enable the editor help panel'.

Jû-hô khé-sī tsōo-tsān bīn-pán?

If the help panel is available on your wiki, you can enable the panel by going to your preferences, in the Editing tab.

Jû-hô suán-ti̍k tsōo-tsān lāi-iông ê liân-tsiap?

They have been chosen by the community after a discussion. They may change during the experiment, as newcomers ask questions that help us learn which links would be most useful.

Guá beh án-tsuánn khah ē-tàng koh-khah tsē liáu-kái tsōo-tsān bīn-pán hā koh-khah tuā hāng-bo̍k ê guân-in?