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While we focus on Czech and Korean Wikipedias during 2018 as our initial audiences (we've added Arabic and Vietnamese Wikipedias since then), we are looking for information and input from various other places and demographics. Here are some ways you can help us.

How to work with us[edit]

Share your experience[edit]

Please post on the team’s talk page or the talk pages for our projects!  We want to hear about what is working and what is not working for new contributors in your wikis. We also want to hear any reactions, questions, or opinions on our work.

Stay informed and spread the word[edit]

Check the current project updates and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on your talk page! Feel free to share this information on your own wikis, or with anyone who might be interested.

Our focus[edit]

We will be focusing on Arabic, Czech, Korean and Vietnamese Wikipedias, and prioritizing the needs and feedback from those communities. However, we may have additional time to work with other wikis, especially the mid-sized Wikipedias.

Though we will try to work with additional wikis, we will not be able to prioritize special requests or customization for those wikis. Our priority order is: feedback and concerns from Arabic, Czech, Korean and Vietnamese Wikipedias, then other mid-size Wikipedias, and then all other projects.

If your community may be interested in participating in some of this research, or early adoption of the new features we are working on, please consult the pre-requested.

Be a volunteer Ambassador[edit]

Is your wiki ready to participate in the Growth team's work? Add yourself as a volunteer Ambassador below.

We are looking for curious, communicative users who want to improve how newcomers are welcomed and how active editors can best be retained.

Your role is to keep your community informed on Growth updates (don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter), identify other people on your wiki who want to help newcomers, do some translation work, and help our team experiment with new features in your wiki. In order to deploy new features to additional wikis, we'll need good contacts in the community.

The only requirement is to understand enough English (for instance, be able to understand the current page) to communicate with others. Perfect grammar and spelling are not required -- many people involved in our project are not native English speakers!

List of Growth volunteer Ambassadors
Wiki Usernames
English Wikipedia User:Owula kpakpo
Thai Wikipedia User: Pilarbini
Hungarian Wikipedia Samat

Test the tools we develop on your wiki[edit]

We would be happy to see more communities testing our tools. However, we need to stay focused on the wikis we want to serve. Our priority order for deployments and developements is: feedback and concerns from Arabic, Czech, Korean and Vietnamese Wikipedias, then other mid-size Wikipedias, and then all other projects.

If you wish to work with us, please contact us.

How to-s[edit]