Growth/Communities/Mentors training


We've seen over time that the ability to help and nurture newcomers is a skill that can be learned. Not all experienced editors automatically know how best to guide newcomers. The Growth team and Community Relations Specialists have developed a training that can be delivered to the set of experienced editors. The target audience are those editors who answer help desk questions and people who welcome newcomers on wikis that receive Growth team features.


The training is divided into two resources:

  • a document (available as a Google Doc documentor a wikipage) that lists describes the training and how to facilitate it
  • a set of slides (Google Slides document) that are that support for the training, which can be copied[1], translated and adapted.
    • The slides has been translated into: Czech
    • Work in progress into Arabic

The training itself is divided into two main activities:

  • working on mentors skills, through 5 activity modules, to discover best practices around working with newcomers;
  • practice editing tools, to be aware and ready to reply to any request from newcomers, whatever the editor or the device they use.

This is not a ready-to-use training. The contents provided are a structure that requires some work to provide examples on which the attendees can work on.

In-person training[edit]

An in-person training is a one-day long activity. It requires people to be at the same place. This training can happen around a community event.

This in-person training has been hosted for the first time by the Czech community, in November 2019.

Online training[edit]

The online version of the training hasn't been created for now.


  1. "File" > "Make a copy"